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The 15 Proficiencies of Business Visibility
By Rose Hill

In order to get the clients and projects you want, your business must be visible to your Ideal Clients. To become visible, master the following 15 proficiencies. (A proficiency is the ability to do something completely and with excellence.) These proficiencies are critical to business success.

1. I'm passionate about why I'm in business.

My business impacts who or what is important to me. As such, my business gets my needs met, honors my values, and uses my strengths in a magnificent way. I'm committed to my business as the best vehicle for exercising my passion in the world. I can see where my business will be in the future and am excited to make it happen. When I talk about my business, those around me become enthusiastic.

2. My business is strategically driven.

Every part of my business is congruent with my top-level business strategy. All activities are in accordance with my strategic plans. Important functional areas of my business are operated according to preselected target key results. I analyze my business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats regularly and adjust my strategies and activities accordingly.

3. My client-selection process is well honed.

I'm discerning in who I work with. Accepted clients and projects agree with more than 90% of the characteristics and traits in my Ideal Client Profile. The services I provide solve the top 3 problems of my Ideal Clients. My 10 Most Important Business Principles™ resonate with my Ideal Clients. I know how best to articulate and deliver the messages that attract my Ideal Clients.

All potential clients and projects are screened against my Clients from Hell™ Profile. I refer out identifiable Clients from Hell. I have a process for gracefully and regularly letting go of the bottom 5-10% of my client base.

4. My business is a one in a million, not one of a million.

My services are distinctive, giving me top-of-mind awareness in my chosen niche. Nobody in my market provides the services I provide in the manner in which I provide them. My business is unique; hence, I don't have competitors.

Those who provide similar services are opportunities for continuously upgrading my skills and services, for referring my Clients from Hell to, and for hiring as subcontractors.

5. My touchstone statement is clear and compelling.

My touchstone statement supports my mission, targeting use of my resources for the biggest impact. Business decisions are congruent with my touchstone statement, keeping my business on track.

6. I introduce my business powerfully and memorably.

I easily and powerfully introduce who I am and what I do. My introduction is jargon free and memorable to people outside my field. My introduction is benefit based and describes my Ideal Client, her problems, and the solutions I provide.

7. My business objectives are measurable.

I don't guess at how well my business is doing. The business metrics I track are specific and easily measured. All promotional activities and investments are directly related to my written, current marketing objectives. My marketing objectives cover the next 90 days, 6 months, and 1 year.

8. My business identity is distinctive and congruent.

The image associated with my business has been specifically and professionally created to have the desired impact on my Ideal Clients. All aspects of my business are present in the same image — from my business cards, to my stationery, to my web site, to the wall hangings and furniture in my office, to what I wear. My identity is appropriate for a professional in my field.

9. My business has marketing momentum.

I promote my business consistently and continuously. I follow a monthly marketing plan that includes at least one marketing task every day. I never allow the work I do for my clients to break my marketing momentum.

It's easy for me to promote my business because I love what I do, know the value I deliver, and only partake in promotional activities I enjoy. My promotional strategies and activities are aligned with my abilities and talents. My 10 Most Important Business Principles are the genesis for my promotional topics.

10. I systematically follow up and keep in touch.

I have a process for collecting contact information from my web site visitors, prospects who contact me, and those I meet in networking environments. I use a contact management system for storing this information. My newsletter or ezine provides information of value to my prospects and clients on a regular basis.

I record and acknowledge my clients' important dates, such as birthdays and important upcoming events. Each client's file includes a section of valuable information that I have collected an shared with that client.

11. My web presence is fresh, professional, and valuable.

My web site is congruent with my chosen business identity. Additionally, it is easy to navigate and reflects my personality. Good web site design principles are adhered to. I have a schedule for adding fresh content to the site so my visitors come back often. I have a way to capture my visitors' email addresses and a reason for them to share it with me. I have a promotional plan for my web site. My web site enhances my professional credibility.

I use autoresponders, bulletin boards, and ezines to maintain a connection with my prospects and clients. My web site provides incredible value.

12. My promotional materials presell my services.

My promotional resources are limited; so I make them count. All my promotional items, such as my brochure and web site, presell my services. My promotional materials describe my Ideal Client, list the problems I solve, and describe the benefits my clients receive from working with me.

13. My limiting beliefs about marketing don't get in my way.

I have identified any limiting beliefs I have about marketing my business. For each limiting belief, I use a strategy based on my 10 Most Important Business Principles to counteract it.

14. My proposals get me the jobs.

My prospects are never surprised by my proposals because I have an in-depth discovery process. I have a tested format and organization for my proposals. My proposals are in sufficient depth to gain the work, but do not include implementation specifics. My proposals and presentations are polished and professional in appearance, language, and tone.

15. I have a process for each step in the sales process.

My sales conversations have a natural flow to them. I don't use the hard sell approach; instead, I build a long-term relationship with each prospect.

My first sales conversation concentrates on building rapport and qualifying the prospect. My services aren't appropriate for everyone. I never proceed to the second sales conversation with a prospect until I have established trust.

My second sales conversation covers the discovery process. I learn exactly what the prospect needs in enough detail to allow me to create a winning proposal. My discovery process covers the past, present, and future.

I close every presentation knowing what I must do to gain the job. I don't hesitate to recommend my business or to ask for the job.

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Rose Hill is a Certified Business Coach who works exclusively with independent professionals who desire to create a solid foundation for their continued business success. I do this by means of a comprehensive 4-pronged, 6-month High-Impact Business-Building program. Rose can be reached at (503) 629-4804 or via e-mail to

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