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Are You About To Give Up?
By Kelvin Wong

The Internet has provided many people with the opportunity to realize their fondest hopes and dreams of owing a small business. Unfortunately, many programs have been launched to take advantage of those with hopes and dreams, with the specific purpose of separating those people from their money.

Not all business opportunities are bad. You can find many quality companies offering proven products and good opportunities to make money. You just have to look hard.

How do you tell the good ones from the bad ones? Here are some clues of program to avoid:


"Easiest program ever - no work required," - You have to work, at least a little, to get paid.


"Retire in 3 to 6 months," - The only way this will happen is if you're already rich or you win the million dollar lotto!


"New Program just started. First people in will get rich." - The first people are already in. You're too late already.


"Secret program allows you to invest in bank trading program and reap profits of 40% to 60% per month." - This program does not really exist. While some people do actually make money initially. they're getting paid so they'll tell their friends to put in the big bucks.

Give you an ideal... Some questions to ask yourself before you join a program:


How long has the company been in business? Can you check out the company's financial condition? If so, what do their numbers tell you?


If the company is fairly new, what do you know about the track record of the company's leaders?


Can you get someone who's successful with the company to teach you how to be successful?

For every good company, I would bet there are at least 10 bad ones. Much of the success of failure of the companies rests in the hands of the founders. first, they must have good intentions. Second. they must be capable of actually building and running the company. Even the best intentions cannot overcome incompetence. Third, they must have enough money to carry the program to profitability.

To whom are you listening? If people who are less successful than you are want to give you business advice, you should think carefully before following that advice.

I know people who make awesome incomes with top network marketing companies. But, I know more people who have failed. That's no knock on network marketing companies. The same is true of people who start any business.

After you've found a good opportunity, you have to apply good business sense. You can't just sign up and expect something good to happen. You have to set reasonable goals and diligently work the business. Then, you give yourself a good chance to succeed. I think you'll further increase your chance of success if you can hook up with successful people who will show you the path to success.

Kelvin wong, Grove city, OH, USA
kelvin wong SFI Marketing Group member.

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