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Think Service Niche-And Grow Rich

By Roy Primm (The Niche Man)

In an ever-crowded market
When itís getting harder to hit your profit target.
When everyoneís trying a new sales pitch And trying to get rich
Thatís when you need a service niche.

Whatís a service niche?

A service niche is a unique service that others have overlooked, ignored, or neglected. They can find them anywhere, at anytime, and they could be the answer to your increased earnings.

Whether you already have a product or service or are just starting out. A service niche can increase your earnings faster than you can say ďmoney in the bank.Ē

Why do I need a service niche?

With so many products and services coming on the market each day that are similar at best, or carbon copies at worst. Having a service niche forces people to notice you from the forest of look-a-like products and services.

Why is this the best time to have a service niche?

Compared to the high cost of product development, you can develop a service for a fraction of the cost. After all this is a service economy.

Have you noticed the service oriented companies boast the highest profit margins? Theyíre the easiest to start, to keep going and needs the lowest profit margin to stay afloat. Why not go with the flow?

How can I find a service niche?

Ideas are all around you. The best way is to ...

1. Look for duties most people hate to do. 

2. Look for duties people donít have time to do. 

3. Look for duties people find disgusting or inconvenient.

These are the 3 duties most people will gladly pay you to do. Carry a notepad with you for the next week. And make note of everything you find that people donít like to do.

Did you do it? Then ... Bonanza! Eureka!

Congratulations, you now have potential money- making ideas and opportunities for a service niche. Especially if no one else in your market is providing it.

This could be the solution to your financial problems - and you didnít have to buy one get rich quick book. You just read this publication. What a deal! Thatís working smart - not hard.

How do I know if I need a service niche?

You need a service niche if you have limited capital. You need a service niche if the market youíre in is competitive. You need a service niche if you want to remain competitive. You need a service niche if you want something to strengthen your product line. You need a service niche if you want something to keep your customers coming back.

In short there are few businesses new or old who donít need a service niche.

How do I develop a service niche?

You develop a service niche by communicating with your target market. Find out what they want. What there problems are. What there needs are. Do this by talking to them face-to-face, through written surveys or questionnaires. And then find ways to fill those needs through your service niche and do it better than anyone else. In fact try to be the first to fill those needs.

Where can I find more ideas for creating a service niche?

You can find more ideas for creating a service niche by reading publications that your target market reads. You do know your target market donít you? Get feedback from the people you sell to. This alone will give you more ideas than you can handle, especially if youíre a good listener and have a passion to serve. Keeping your ear to the ground and your hand on the pulse of your target market is your key to the vault.

By following these powerful tips you can develop a service niche that will profit you for years to come.

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Roy Primm (The Niche Man) has written hundreds of articles teaching thousands how to improve products, services and response. How? By simply improving the niche. To read more go to

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