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Clarity: The Mechanics in Business & Lifestyle
By Susan James

Many of us have had and still have dreams and desires for our lives. Those same many of us have not been taught or shown the real mechanics behind drawing our 'dreams come true' to us.

What we are taught is : You have to work hard, there is no free lunch, you must be responsible, you must get a High School Education, and if you can, you must get a College Degree, and then you must get a really good job and work very hard because there is no free lunch. And don't expect to really like what you do, that's not what 'work' is about. Work is about working hard, not liking it.

I did all of that. I was taught all of that. And then one day, I said STOP! I was working 24 hours a day. I knew there had to be a better way, and that life, I just knew was full of more fun and neat stuff, than I was having.

Don't get me wrong. I had perks, cars, boats, toys, optimism enthusiasm & success. But I just knew I could have all of 'that' with not so much pushing to get it!

What I have now found in understanding the Mechanics of Clarity, is that I have a true Celebration for this life, and all that I do and be, and the folks and events that show up in it.

In the consulting work that I do, most, if not all folks are in that same place. Pushing and dreaming....but Stuck. Thankfully they still have dreams, and have not thrown in the towel and seeped back into the tar pit, where mainstream consciousness then again takes hold and strangles the life out of them.

So what does the Mechanics of Clarity have to do with anything? It has to do with the 'energy behind focus'. The 'energy behind... just do it'; stuff we are not taught because most of our teachers were all taught the same thing. Even current day writers who write of focus and just do it, don't tell us the energy mechanics behind it. That is like telling a child or even us....'just do it, because I said so'.

As we become clear and understand what that means, then the encumbrances of our lives begin drop away. What is an encumbrance? Anything that pushes our buttons. The stuff that you have fear or anger or frustration over. Fear is still a form of desire, but we've not been taught how to mold that fear. We've been told to suck it up and move through it.

As we begin to see those emotions/feelings, as 'energy', then we can move them easily. It does not take years of therapy. It takes making some new choices. Getting really clear on what we want. And taking the time to get really clear on what we want.

It's the difference between someone bringing you a jar of Hellman's Mayonnaise when you know good and well, that Kraft is what you wanted, because it is the best.

I often write of peanut butter and marshmallow energy. Our encumbrances are in the peanut butter energy, and feel heavy in our life. Once we drop that, then the marshmallow energy has room to take up space. It's the marshmallow energy that carries our dreams and intentions fulfilled. It's where our dreams begin to flow to us in ease.

How do we begin? We make a new choice to be clear about what we choose and prefer for our lives. If we don't, then it won't come. It just won't. But as soon as we put it out there, it begins its way towards us. It just does.

That is the Promise of the Scriptures and of Consciousness and of Spiritual Goo!.

When we put out unclear intentions, then that's what we get back. So Get Clear....and get what it is your really want, and not what it is you think you are saying you want. Those are two entirely different things.

İMaverick Momentum Consultant, Susan James, Writes & Teaches the Application of İUser Friendly Physics to Human Potential, Newsletters & More: Subscribe below or at website:

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