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The Secrets Of Prospecting, Follow Up, And Success
By Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

Every person that goes into an easy home business/networking will go through 4 different stages in their career. When and if that person reaches the 4th category they will be working full time in the business, and will be having the residual income that most people dream about.

If they stop before reaching the 3rd category, they usually give up the idea of having a Home Based Business in Internet. This is the kind of people that either recruited a lot of people that did nothing, or they themselves didn't do anything while they where into the business.

But most important, this people carry the mind set that home business/networking does not work, and this is why it didn't work for them.

What are the four stages, I am talking about, and can you recognize yourself in one of them?


Everybody goes into the first stage in the first 30 to 90 days. This is the moment when people think:

I'll be rich when I find the heavy hitters.

Everybody would like to join this business.

All I have to do is to join a lot of people, and this will be easy.

If I could get people to do this...

Usually people who have never being in Internet marketing, are driven by excitement and this is good. You can recruit a lot of people, if you only have a lot of excitement. The problem is that you'll recruit excited people, that didn't join because they knew what they where doing, but just because you are so excited.

After the initial excitement, comes the moment when you realize that finding a lot of people might not be the answer, that what you really need is to learn how to develop people.

Most of people quit here, because they realize that they will need more time and work than they thought, and because they are just money focused and not value focused.

They just quit because they haven't earned all the money they dreamed of (and have only being in business for a couple of months.)

This is the moment when you need to find WHY are your prospects wanting to build a business. To have a team that prospers with you, every member must learn, and teach a system that works.

And if you didn't do well your part of the work, your team members will start quitting because they start to realize they are not duplicable.

They might think:

I think I don't have what it takes.

I should quit because I'm recruiting very few.

Why aren't they doing anything?

The benefit I got does not worth the effort and time I spent.

Why is it that I can only recruit losers?

Everyone I recruit does nothing after they join.

I will never retire if I have to always recruit.


Those who make it through the second stage, are the ones that come to realize that they became part of a team, and that they will only succeed, if the team has a leader and a system that is duplicable.

But most of all the most effective leaders are the ones that found the emotional reasons within their prospects.

You need to know the why behind the goals.

If you ask your prospects why did they answer your ad or your e- mail about making money with a home business, they could answer many things:

They want to be free.

They like the idea of an extra $1.000 every month.

They hate their boss.

They want extra time with their children.


But this are only their goals...

The why has to be that they like the idea of belonging to a team, and they believe the team is going to help them succeed.


When you reach the 3rd stage, recruiting becomes a rhythm. You start finding a rhythm between acceptance and rejections, and you start to develop confidence in your recruiting possibilities.

You have learned the difference between dollar focused and value focused, but this takes time, from about 120 days to 1 year.

As you keep on working, frustration begins to set in, and this drives you to the next and final stage.


Here your thoughts would be something like:

Recruiting is not a matter of all success, is just a natural percentage of what I do

Recruiting is only the beginning, but the money is in the follow up.

People need and like to be helped

I shouldn't waste my time with the ones that don't want to do their part

People that do not have any reason to join are useless

In this business, team players are considered to be professionals. And everyone they recruit goes work and produces.

What's a home business professional? It's someone that:

Enjoy qualifying people.

Don't waste time chasing people.

Truly enjoy helping people.

Don't start working with their prospects before they qualify.

Have a valued experience in what works and what doesn't.

They sponsor people for the pleasure of doing it, that goes beyond the money they earn with it.

You will find this attitudes in every top money earner in every company. Maybe you're thinking "How can I get fast to the 4th stage?" If you persist, you'll reach the 4th stage, but you won't reach it fast, it takes work.

This has always be a numbers game. The more people you talk to and follow up the quicker the success.

What do you need to succeed?: You need a daily plan of action, and you have to carry it out every day, every week every month and every year.

The daily plan must include:

Contact new people with your offer.

Give the information to the ones that accepted it.

Send them to your web page where they will find a lot of information professionally written.

Follow up them until the ask you to be removed from your list or tell you that they are ready to join.

When they join, let them know you want to help them.

Ask them to write out their long and short term goals.

Ask them to write a list of everyone they know or tell them where and how to get in contact with the people they don't know.

Show them how to make their offer.

Do the follow up for them, until they get to their 3rd or 4th stage.

Help them to succeed If you want to do one year's job in 90 days, you will have to work full time, there's no way to "get rich doing nothing.

This method is 100% guaranteed. If you are consistent in your contact and follow up, you'll reach success!

Remember that you have to show people that you can be trusted, and that means A LOT of contacts before they sign up and start working in your team.

You will have to send many e-mail, and leave many messages on their voice mail You might be thinking that this is a lot of work. Well, don't you want to earn a lot of money?. Then be ready for a lot of work.

So you might become rich if you do a lot of work!.. and why should you do that work?

This is YOUR WHY, if you can't find a good one, you're in the wrong business!

This system will work for anyone! ANYONE can do it, but before you need to know WHY should you do it, then you can plug in, and use the duplicable system.

Write down your goals. Where do you want to be in one year?

Talk with your Upline about them.

Ask how much work you need to do to reach them.

Be ready to pay the price.

To your success.

c Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

This article is part of "How to SELL on The Web"
Dr. Roberto Bonomi is the Editor and Publisher of the successful e-books: "How to SELL on The Web" and "Success is Easy!

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