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How to 'Get Lucky' in Business
By Holly Cotter

Too many times, people start a home business hoping to "get lucky."

They go into their business with the same attitude they would enter the lottery...throw a little money at it, sit back, and wait for the cash to roll in.

The truth is, there is NO such thing as luck in business. Building a profitable business requires an investment of both money and time.

For most people, that means investing a few hundred dollars a month over a few years. By consistently investing in advertising, and nurturing the customers and prospects you find along the way, within a couple of years your business should be pulling in a solid profit. Often, it will take four years or more to build the profits to where you are earning $50,000+ a year.

Now, there ARE shortcuts.

The people who tell you they were able to make $20,000 by their 3rd month in business are leaving out a crucial piece of the puzzle...they're forgetting to tell you they were able to invest thousands of dollars into advertising their business to get it off to a fast start. ANYONE can make $20,000 by their 3rd month in business...the question is, how much will it COST them to build up that type of income so quickly?

I had the great pleasure of talking with a woman a couple of weeks ago who typically earns $100,000+ each month in network marketing. That's a LOT of money! So, what's her secret? Is she just "lucky?"

No, it's not luck. Her "secret" is that she invests about $55,000 in advertising during the first 3 months of starting any business. By advertising in the right places, she can easily build her income to over $20,000/month within the first 2-3 months. By the end of the 3 month blitz, she has usually recouped her initial investment and now has a huge monthly income.

So, basically by INCREASING the amount of money she is able to invest in her business, she has DECREASED the time it takes to earn a hefty profit.

But, how many of us have a spare $55,000 lying around? I know I didn't when I started my business almost four years ago.

The "secret" for the rest of us is...

Consistency - consistently advertise your business every month.


Persistency - don't give up.


Patience - expect it to take a few years to build the income you desire.

Here's wishing you lots of "luck" in building YOUR business.

Copyright (c) 2009 by Holly Cotter

Holly Cotter ( is a successful author, entrepreneur and business coach. She specializes in teaching others how to easily and affordably build multiple streams of income on the internet. Let the creator of help YOU build a profitable home business. 

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