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Four Ways to Solve Workplace Problems

(FeatureSource) The root of most workplace challenges is no mystery. In fact, 90 percent of company problems boil down to lack of communication. It’s when your employees are no longer communicating effectively with one another, with customers, with you and, most importantly, with themselves.

If we all know the problem, how come nobody can find the solution?

“Don’t throw in the towel,” says Joyce Weiss, founder of Detroit-based Weiss speaks nationwide, offering companies “bold solutions to boost the bottom line.”

She says it takes courage to stand up and speak to others in a way that persuades them to action. Equally important, it takes confidence to shut up and listen. While many people may think they're communicating effectively, they're not taking the time to really listen to what they're saying to ensure their meaning is clear.

The solution begins when co-workers find out how to “Be Direct With Respect,” a communication technique that builds rapport and creates meaningful, productive relationships. In her book “Take the Ride of Your Life!” Weiss offers strategies on how to be honest about your feelings without anger, accusation, resentment or fear.

Many people admit that they would like to be honest, yet they're afraid of the risks. They want to tell co-workers how negative behavior brings down morale, but they feel the people involved would be angry. You can improve workplace morale by improving your communication. It might even save your company. Here are four ways to Be Direct with Respect:

Eliminate Ambiguity

When people understand every word of every conversation, expectations are clear and the work gets done. You’ll never hear, "No one told me I had to do that" or "That's not how I understood it." You’ll find people are eager to engage in conversations, because they view them as great learning experiences, not times for criticism or anger.

Gain the Ability to Be Direct and Truthful

When you learn to Be Direct With Respect, you release your resentments and stop blaming others. So being direct and truthful comes naturally. The more you tell the truth, the more you trust yourself to speak the truth at appropriate times.

You also gain credibility. Very often, those who constantly lie or exaggerate have a hard time remembering what they said. You'll hear them say, "I never said that" and "I never meant to imply that." The more they lie or exaggerate, the more they erode trust with others and with themselves. But when you learn to Be Direct With Respect, honesty comes naturally.

Develop Positive Self-talk Strategies That Propel Your Career

Are negative thoughts part of your thinking process? Do you routinely say things such as, "I'm no good at analyzing reports," "That's not my job" or "I can't make presentations"?

Too many people unknowingly sabotage their chances for success. While they may want a promotion or new job responsibilities, they make negative statements about themselves to their boss and co-workers. These negative statements then give others a bad impression of the person’s work attitude and style.

Don’t Throw in the Towel

Lack of communication does not have to drive your business to failure. Be Direct With Respect and you’ll find more productive employees and customers who spend more money on your business. Your messages will be heard loud and clear.

Weiss is the author of "Full Speed Ahead: Become Driven by Change" and "Take the Ride of Your Life!" (Bloomfield Press). She has appeared in "USA Today," "Inc.," "Selling Power" and numerous national publications. Email Weiss at, visit  or call (800) 713-1926.

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