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How To Spring Ahead Now
by Burt Dubin

“But I can’t escape this prison; I can’t; I can’t; I can’t! It’s my circumstances. They imprison me.” 

“I’m too old; I’m too young. I lack education; I lack a specialty. I don’t know anyone influential. It’s too early for me. It’s too late for me...”

“Think you can, think you can’t, either way you’re right!” So says Henry Ford. When he wants a V-8 engine, decades ago, his engineers say it can’t be done. He looks directly in their eyes and says, “Do it!” And they do.

His suffering army huddles in the bitter cold of Valley Forge, with only rags to wrap around their frozen feet. General George Washington assures them they'll survive and prevail over the superbly equipped Red Coats of King George III. And they do.

David goes down to the river. He returns with only his slingshot and five smooth stones. He confronts the towering Goliath. Even his own people know the hopelessness of his intention. He places one smooth stone in his slingshot. Takes steely-eyed aim. Releases the stone. And he defeats Goliath.

Every great achievement since the dawn of history starts as an impossible dream. Every great achiever, with fire in his or her belly, braves the insurmountable, slays the dragons——and does the “impossible.”

You choose to be a somebody in your field. Or you want to be a master at a skill. Why not! Who are you to deny the world your gifts? Who are you to not reveal your greatness? Who are you to not spring ahead?

Who are you to not break through your perceived limitations? Who are you to not be a source of light and hope? Who are you to huddle in the dustbin of your true potential lamenting your fate?

“But how, how do I do it; how do I break through? How do I spring ahead? How do I crack the code? How do I get into the game?”

This is what you do:

You declare yourself implacable. You resolve to enter the pantheon of champions. You take these 7 actions:

1. You surrender to your purpose. You give yourself to your purpose as you give yourself to your lover.

2. You find a way to make yourself one-of-a-kind. You use your intuition to probe deep, deep beneath the surface to a new perception of your higher possibilities.

3. You make yourself the master of your specialty. You do research seeking hidden truths and principles you can harness.

4. You position yourself uniquely. If every snowflake since the dawn of creation is unique and different, surely you, far more than a snowflake in potential, have unique qualities you can share with others.

5. You become your message. You allow yourself to be the living, breathing, vivid example of your message for the world.

6. You make yourself a model of the possible. And why not! After all, your life is not a dress rehearsal. It’s a one-way ticket.

7. You get yourself a mentor, someone who has been there and done that.

* And you start today, right now, this minute.

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© Copyright 2003 Burt Dubin

Burt Dubin, 20 year veteran of the business of speaking, mentors speakers and wanna-be’s world-wide. Burt works with people who want to be speakers and with speakers who want to be masters. For samples of the wisdom available to you, simply go to

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