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Tap Into Larger Profits With Your Promotion
The Promotion of your business is NOT about your business. It is NOT merely an announcement that your business exists. It is NOT simply about attracting new customers. And it is NOT your greatest source of generating profits. Promotion IS, however, the active portion that fuels the sales cycle of your business.

16 Closely Guarded Secrets to Influence and Win Prospects.
A very good list and short descriptions.

10 Ways to Build Trust and Build Your Business
Before making a purchase from you, buyers need to trust that your products and services will do what they are supposed to. Does your marketing help establish the trust necessary to convince prospects to buy from you? If you're struggling to attract clients and customers, use the following tactics to convert prospects to clients.

How Becoming an Expert Can Boost Your Success
When potential buyers see you as a knowledgeable professional whose opinions and guidance truly matter, they are more likely to hand over their hard-earned money. Below you will find a few ways that you can use to promote yourself as an expert.

RP Promotion Strategy
Hundreds of techniques and even more theories. What is the best? Internet gives marketing freedom for any business. RP promotion is not the only possible way of online promotion strategy but surely one of the most fundamental, with unmatched potential.

The Top 10 Ways to Get Over Fear of Marketing Your Business
Marketing does not have to be the big, scary, hairy green monster it may appear to be. The following tips will help you take the fear (hairy green monster) out of promoting your business.

Become Your Own Brochure Designer
Brochures are great sales tools - if done right! Brochures help sell your product or service with informative information - enough that the reader knows about your business, but not too wordy that you lose the reader.

4 Simple Strategies For Local Business Promotion
If you own a small local business, you wear a lot of hats. You probably don't have time to think up ways to promote your business online. No problem. Here are 4 simple strategies that can reap big rewards for your local business.


Effective Advertising
For small business owners, the task of learning marketing can be overwhelming and the cost of hiring professionals prohibitive. It does take time to master these skills, but with a little attention on a consistent basis, one can learn enough to market their firm successfully.

Ten Stories That Can Sell Anything
Advertising is all about telling your marketing story: a story that your audience can relate to, so that it builds confidence and credibility in your ability to deliver your product or service.

10 Tips To Higher Response Ads
Check your draft of the advertising through this 10-point check list. Cover off these basics, and you can be sure you're off to a running start.

The Perceived Value of Advertising
Customers possess inherent special skills in evaluating and determining the value of a product by simply viewing its advertisement. Product advertisements not only convey the business identity, but also the quality of the company's product and service (including the deepness of the pockets).

For Premium Pricing, Engage the Emotions
Today's consumers are skeptical of marketing smoke and mirrors and demand true quality and functionality from premium products and services.

A Sad Truth That Makes You Rich
The sad truth is that people can be persuaded to buy when you intentionally expose the weakness of your product.

The Power of Seven
A prospective customer has to see your ad on an average of seven times before they will buy from you. Does this mean that you can run your ad in one publication seven times and expect to start receiving orders?


Promotion with Business Cards

Using Those Business Cards
One of the first things you do when starting a business is to have business cards made up. The next thing you need to do is give them out. If you keep them in the card holders or the box in your office, they are not doing what you got them for.

How To Turn Your Business Cards Into Hardworking Little Salesmen!
Many people in business donít use these to their greatest potential, even though most biz people do have them printed up. Business cards are your hardworking little salesmen; they are your mini billboards. They work for you 24 hrs a day, without pay!




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