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5 Training Tips for Sales Managers
In this article you will discover how to get your sales team solidly behind your telephone sales campaign and telephone sales goals to increase profits.

People Skills Quiz
Are you aware that your body language reveals your deepest feelings and hidden thoughts to total strangers? As a professional salesperson you must continuously monitor your customer's body language and adjust your presentation style accordingly. Take this quiz to gain some insights.


Sale Secrets


Jump Start Your Sales In 10 Quick Steps

5 Fast Tricks For Making More Sales!
You've got a killer headline -- lined up benefit after benefit -- but it won't make you a dime unless you can close the sale and make the reader of your sales letter hand over their cash.

Use The Most Powerful Force In Selling To Magnetize Customers To Your Products
What is the most powerful, irresistible, GUARANTEED way to get customers interested in your product or service?

Price isn't Everything
Effective negotiating is a process that begins with your first contact with your customer or prospect. From the moment you make contact, the other person will evaluate the value of your product, service, or company. Here are strategies that will help you increase your value and negotiate a more profitable agreement.

Focus on a Trade, Not a Discount
Negotiating is not always about price. Although price is a factor in virtually every sale it is not usually the primary or motivating factor. Everything you say and do from the first contact with a prospect affects the value of your product or service in their mind. Thatís why it is important to look at the negotiating process differently in order to achieve better results.

Selling How vs. Selling What
Suppose you are offering a new type of service or trying to reach a market that will not be familiar with what you offer. New customers need to be sold on benefits. They ask, "What?" Experienced customers recognize what you do. They ask, "How?"

Selling the Dr. Seuss Way
It is your responsibility as a sales professional to ask the customer to make a decision - you cannot expect a customer to do the work for you. If you have been effective in learning about their specific needs and current situation and presented the appropriate solution to your prospect then you have earned the right to ask them for their money.

Understanding the Buying Process Can Increase Your Sales
Most marketers donít give a lot of thought to the buying processes of their customers. Thatís a shame. Lending due attention to the buying process can have a dramatic effect on your sales.

3 Mindset Changes To Increase Your Sales And Profits
When thinking about competitive differentiations for your product don't consider only the physical aspects of your product. Instead think of your product as a service. What is the service it provides? What are the "experiences" it offers to a customer? The answers to these questions will be more fruitful in developing your marketing strategy than just focusing on the physical aspects.

How to Trigger a Successful Sale Through the Power of Psychological Triggers
Knowing the subconscious reasons why people buy, and using this information in a fair and constructive way, will trigger greater sales response -- often far beyond what you could imagine.

How to Master the Art of Salesmanship
Mastering the "art of selling" is simply knowing how to present whatever it is that you're selling, to the buyer in such a manner that they feel buying it from you will solve their problems or fulfill their dreams.

How To Achieve Excellence In Sales
To excel in any selling situation, you must have confidence, and confidence comes, first and foremost, from knowledge. You have to know and understand yourself and your goals. You have to recognize and accept your weaknesses as well as your special talents. This requires a kind of personal honesty that not everyone is capable of exercising.

The 3 Basic Secrets That Will eXplode Your Sales This Year
The main mistake most entrepreneurs do is to create a product and then they work hard trying to sell it.

How One Home Extensions Company Sent Their Sales Soaring by 160%
... Just by Tweaking Their Selling Techniques. It doesn't matter how effective your lead generation techniques are, if you can't convert them into sales you're pouring money down the drain.

Increase Your Sales With Personalized Messages
Start personalizing your communications to prospects and customers. It will substantially increase the response you get - without increasing your costs.

Entrepreneurial Traits that Drive Sales
Frequently overlooked and hidden deep within our marketing tool box is the ultimate marketing vehicle for your business Ė you! Many small business owners are so busy figuring out how to increase sales and revenue they forget to grow themselves as business owners.

Why Aren't I Making SALES?!
When you are having trouble generating sales, you need to track all of your activity (and the activities of your visitors) to pinpoint where the trouble lies. Only then will you know where you need to make changes.

5 Ways to Encourage Impulse Purchases
I just bought six square pieces of spongy fabric for $20 and walked away happy - "victim" of an impulse purchase. I also came away with five ideas for increasing sales from impulse purchases. Next time you evaluate short-term sales and marketing strategies, think about and apply these five impulse purchase lessons...

Dramatize The Emotional Reward To Increase Your Sales
People rarely buy things for logical reasons. They buy things for the emotional reward it gives them. Later, they look for logical reasons to justify their purchase. That's why those new car buyers paid so much attention to the ads for their make of car AFTER they already bought it. You can apply this principle to get more sales from your promotions. 

Set Your Products to Sell
If you spend any length of time selling products on the Internet, youíre going to find out that itís very hard to sell "very low priced" products. There is one thing that will make your customer back up so fast, theyíll have to make a "beeping" noise, like a big truck in reverse: Shipping charges.

How Do I Sell Products Produced By Others?
While there are many approaches to selling MLM, the best may be the indirect or soft sell. Here are suggestions about how best to implement this approach.

Maximizing Your Sales Opportunities
Far too often we're so focused on the primary sale that we neglect the opportunities to increase our sales and our profitability. But no sale is complete unless the customers have been given every chance to accessorize their purchases. 

Communicating Value
Effective sales professionals know the importance of communicating value. Budgets are tighter. Business customers are being asked to do more with less. Decisions are increasingly less on WHERE to spend the money and more on WHY we need to spend the money.

Increase Your Profits by Selling More, The Concept of Upsell and Back-end Sell
Imagine, you are selling the coolest looking cowboy boots on the Internet and everyone is dying to buy a pair from you! At $200 a pair with a gross margin of 20%, you think you are making a mint. Your competitor is selling similar boots on their web site for the same price, but their overall profits always seem to be 75% higher then yours. Why? 

16 Quick Retail Promotional Ideas To Increase Your Sales Without Discounting

Four Secrets that Cause People to Buy Advertising
The structured sales approach to advertising is all about knowing the market, knowing the competition, and becoming an expert on the needs of the reader.

How To Turn The Biggest Skeptics Into Eager Buyers
When making a purchasing decision, people have their "rip off radars" on high beam. They want to be sure they're not going to get ripped off, AND they want to be sure they're going to get the absolute best return on their dollar.
Here are some ways to dissolve skepticism and prove your claims.

Productizing: Why It Will Skyrocket Your Profits
This one technique will catapult your business into the big league of marketing. From today, you must change the way you do business by turning your service into a product with imagination to attract new customers. You will reap huge rewards.

The Science Of Selling
In spite of what most people believe, selling is a science. And whether your know it or not, you are probably using some of the techniques of this science without even realizing it. Let's take a look at a few of the most powerful of these techniques.

Selling Is Not A Dirty Word
When you think of selling, think of sharing the love that went into your book and the unique, important message it delivers. Think, "Now that I've planted this garden, I want to reap its harvest. If I don't share the word with others, my garden will die from lack of attention."

10 Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Selling
It seems that, even though we all know we need to "sell" our products and services, many of us feel fearful or anxious about actually doing so. These 10 tips are designed to help you shift out of your fear, and into excitement, about sharing your product or service.

Listen Your Way To Sales Success
There are many factors and variables that affect our sales on any given day. There is however, one key skill that will increase help you increase your sales immediately. Listen to your customer!

14 Ways To Boost Customer Response In A Tough Economy
Today, you must step up your tactics to keep your customers buying and away from the competition next door on the cyberspace highway.

Cold Calls

Cold Calling: Top Three Components of Successful Cold Calls Revealed!
A cold call to a heavy-weight prospect, for the purpose of scheduling a face-to-face sales call, is in reality an extremely, sophisticated sale. In fact, it's a sales presentation that's so dog-gone good, that it's stripped down to the bare essentials.

Cold Calling: How To Put An End To Voice Mail Jail
One of the most frequently asked questions asked by our clients is, "I leave a lot of voice mail messages without getting any personal contact--ever. Do you have any tips for me?"

How To Effectively Cold Call Leads
We do a major part of our business by calling leads. For a person just starting out this can be rather intimidating and too often a person doesn't know how to "open" up a call, gets a lot of rejection, and then decides this isn't for me.

Effective Promotion with the Use of Cold Calls
Cold calls tend to be the least effective form of marketing for consultants. But, if implemented effectively "cold calls" can land you a gig, maybe even your first gig. The trick is to place yourself in the shoes of the prospect on the other end of the line. Anyone can pull it off with a little bit of strategy.

When Less Is More: Lower Energy Level Found to Work Best in Cold Calls
A salesperson wrote to tell me that he and his colleagues experience better cold calls when they speak in a more "laid back" manner with a lower energy level. Fascinating!

Heating Up Cold Calls: 21 Tools for Tremendous Telephone Techniques
Here are the tools for exceptional success. It's up to you to take them, pepper them with your personality and perform, perform, perform.

The Art of Cold Calling
I've learned over time to not think of telephoning as cold calling, but how I can help a seller or buyer. I realize if I make so many calls, I will get so many responses, and I don't take a no personally. It's their loss.

Sales Follow-ups

Follow Up And Turn Prospects Into Clients
Diligent follow up will turn your prospects into clients.

How to Increases Sales With Follow-Ups
Sequential direct mail has been as profitable an endeavor for entrepreneurs. The reason is that a sequence of letters, particularly at least three of them delivered to a same recipient, not only increases the response rate but also multiplies it exponentially. Aside from increased sales, the per capita cost savings is also considerable.

Turn Prospects into Buyers
It may take 4 to 7 visits before your web visitors buy from you. New information, regular changes, and updates keep visitors coming back to your web site. As your visitors develop confidence in you, they will be more likely to buy from your products or services.

The Power of Seven
A prospective customer has to see your ad on an average of seven times before they will buy from you. Does this mean that you can run your ad in one publication seven times and expect to start receiving orders?

Repetition, The Key To Making More Sales
How often have you purchased a product or service on the Internet the first time you were exposed to it? Most marketing experts say that it takes an average of seven contacts with your prospect before they will buy.


Closing the Sale

3 Killer Secrets for Closing the Sale
Closing the sale is perhaps the most stressful and challenging part of the sales process. This is where the rubber meets the proverbial road. Brian Tracy reveals 3 closing secrets that can easily triple your sales in the next 90 days.

How to Close More Online Sales Through the Magic of Questions
No one can deny that sales closing techniques are absolutely vital in face-to-face selling. But often, people ask Brian Tracy if they can apply his powerful closing techniques to online marketing. Brian's answer is an unequivocal, "Yes!"

How To Turn The Biggest Skeptics Into Eager Buyers
When making a purchasing decision, people are wary. They want to be sure they're not going to get ripped off. Here are some ways to dissolve skepticism and prove your claims.

Eliminating Objections
Customers who have an objection about your product or service are functionally unable to listen to you. While you're busy asking them questions or sharing information, their attention is focused elsewhere.

How to Eliminate Price Objections
Virtually every person in sales experiences price objections. Unfortunately, the majority of sales people take the wrong approach. The real key to solving objections is to work at eliminating them altogether. 


Referrals, Testimonials

Creating A Strong Referral Program To Attract An Endless Stream of Clients
If you don't have a systematic referral program you are missing out on one of the simplest, lowest cost, ways to generate your highest quality customers. Referrals are the lifeblood of small business and if you haven't yet institutionalized a referral program, you're making a huge mistake.

Testimonials Convert Prospects Into Buyers
Big businesses get instant credibility with their well-known company name or brand name. But small companies have to create their own credibility. One of most powerful tools you can use for this is customer testimonials.

Would You Trust Mother Theresa? The Power of Testimonials in Increasing Sales
Testimonials can have a tremendous impact on deciding whether you can close the sale or not. People feel more confident in buying your products or services if they know that there are other satisfied customers. 

The Power of Endorsements 
Endorsements are one of the most powerful marketing tools that you can use to promote a product or service. An endorsement simply is when a person talks or writes about a particular product or service in a favorable manner and recommends that you buy it at the end of the endorsement.

Got Referrals?
What would your business be like if your current customers were enthusiastically rounding up prospective customers for you? You can achieve your professional goals faster and easier through effectively targeting referrals. Like most worthwhile endeavors, getting recommendations requires planning and preparation. This article shows you how to get more and better referrals.

Why Word-of-Mouth Works Wonders
Word-of-mouth advertising is crucial in the offline world. The key to marketing success in the offline world is "location, location, location." The Internet is no different. Your marketing success depends highly on the number of locations you appear -- places on which your site, link, company or product name exist. In essence, it is to be in as many places as possible, talked about by as many people as possible and seen by as many eyeballs as possible.





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