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ACTION! Doing, Doing, Done! ?Finishing That Big Project
Big projects are daunting, whether it's a strategic plan, a screenplay, a new business plan or a book. Although you want to complete it, you find that things prevent you from attaining the goal ?getting it done.

5 Ways To Permanently Avoid Your Biggest Business Income Killer!
If your daily activities are not constantly growing your new enquiries, improving your sales conversion rate, growing your transaction size and increasing the customer buying frequency, you will have an unhealthy bottom line, lose interest and give up!

Naming A Business? Mom Knows Best!
People naming businesses don't always understand the ramifications of picking the perfect name. Where parents spend countless hours and even sleepless nights picking their child's name, a business may be named in a few short minutes.

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Your Business
When you first think about starting your business there is a lot of excitement and hope. However after the first rush of adrenalin, you realize that you are not as confident as you thought you were. Nagging doubts about your ability to achieve success start to creep in.

Startup Issues
Naming A Business, Starting a Business

What's In A Name ... Selecting the Right Business Name
500 people, already in business, how they decided upon their  business name and you will get 500 different answers. Everyone  has a story behind how they chose their business name.

How to Name a Product, Service or Company
In today's hypercompetitive, overcommunicated world, top-of-mind-awareness is probably the best marketing tool available. Through packaging, an ordinary company, product, or service can become irresistibly compelling. So, make the ordinary extraordinary. Make yourself outstanding by making yourself stand out!

Building Solid Foundations
When it comes to erecting a building, few people would dispute the importance of establishing a strong foundation. It's no different in building a business, a family or a life. We need to put strong foundations under our dreams, our businesses and our relationships.

Business Start-Up Checklist
Starting a new business can be confusing. Where does one begin? Here are some of the most common start-up issues compiled into a checklist.

What You Need To Know About Incorporating Your Business
Let me take a few minutes to explain what you need to know about incorporating your business. While it certainly isn’t a move every business will want to make, there are definitely some large benefits associated with incorporation.

The Business Strategy That Will Work Best For You
Your business strategy choices are, at the end of the day, very simple. The big question is, how do you want to position yourself in relation to your competition.

Give Your Business Some Personality - Yours!
When you work on your business, do it in a way that honors who you are. Work with your natural talents and inclinations, not against them.

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Why The USP Doesn't Work Anymore & What To Do Instead
Finding your USP can be like the quest for the proverbial Holy Grail. You could end up spending inordinate amounts of money on research, product/service development and branding without ever really attaining a true USP.

The Last Great Business Opportunity
The businesses often miss what may be the last great opportunity for them: get the round pegs out of the square holes. When you do that, productivity leaps. The productivity, morale and profitability increase if the round pegs were in the round holes.

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9 Pointers for Evaluating a Business Proposal
Finding a business opportunity on the net is easy. But evaluating the right one for you, takes a little knowledge. What should you look for when evaluating an opportunity? Here are 9 pointers.

Wish List for Small Businesses
The United States' 25 million small businesses produce half of the country's gross domestic product but rarely get the recognition or help they deserve. Recently, however, technology companies have been waking up to the needs of small businesses. Here is a list of some traditionally big business technology that is now within the reach -- and budget -- of small businesses.

A Powerful Method For Finding Your Perfect Business
Here's a powerful way to determine the qualities you'll want in your perfect business. This will be a very enjoyable process, because you'll be revisiting some very satisfying memories.

So, You Cannot Afford a McDonald's Franchise... What Now?
There are literally hundreds of lucrative home business ideas for you to choose from, which will suit every type of personality and all levels of financing.

Start Your New Business Today
What's stopping you from starting your new business? Whatever it is, you CAN start your business right now, today.

Building the World’s Biggest Book Empire
The co-creator of “Chicken Soup for the Soul? illustrates how an idea can develop into an empire. Find out how to harness the power of publicity, education, e-commerce and sales for the growth of your business.

Four Magic Words For Starting A Business
The four words are not magic in and of themselves, but when you string them together and take them to heart, they can do wonders for your business. In fact, if they are heeded, not only can they help your business prosper, they also have the potential to help you live longer, keep your marriage strong, help you maintain a solid reputation in your community, and keep you sane.

How to 'Get Lucky' in Business
Too many times, people start a home business hoping to "get lucky." They go into their business with the same attitude they would enter the lottery...throw a little money at it, sit back, and wait for the cash to roll in. The truth is, there is NO such thing as luck in business. Building a profitable business requires an investment of both money and time.

How To Start a Small Business
Starting and managing a business takes motivation, desire and talent. It also takes research and planning. Like a chess game, success in small business starts with decisive and correct opening moves. And although initial mistakes are not fatal, it takes skill, discipline and hard work to regain the advantage.

Creating The $1,000,000 Idea
Every week new start-ups are making millions because of their simple ideas that take the world by storm. Success definitely involves effort, but sparking your creativity and coming up with profit-producing ideas may be easier than you think.

How to differentiate your business and gain a competitive advantage
With business comes competition. It’s not enough to demonstrate that you can deliver what the customer wants. You need to look beyond what everyone else is doing. Position your product as clearly different and better than the competition.

How To Turn An Idea Into a Business
Behind every successful business you'll find at least one great idea. For most people, the definition of a successful business is one which is profitable, and a profitable business is built upon ideas that have been properly researched.

Top 10 Distinctions Between Building a Business and Creating Your Own Job
Many professionals and Small Office/Home Office owners don’t understand the distinction between building a business verses creating a job for themselves.

Top 10 Stumbling Blocks that Prevent New Businesses from Growing
It is easy to start a business. It is much more difficult to build it, to make it succeed. In working with hundreds entrepreneurs over 25 years, here are the mistakes I see most often. Avoid them!

What Should I Sell On My Site?
Far too many people make the mistake of trying to sell only products that they like on their web sites. Others make the mistake of trying to sell only the coolest and flashiest things they can find. The whole point of starting an Ecommerce web site is to make money. That’s something you must not lose sight of.

How to create a job you love on the web...
Not found a job you like? Maybe you need to create it! The concept may sound silly or overwhelming at first, but if you break it down into steps, you’ll see how simple it really can be.

Top 10 Ways to Create and Manage Opportunity
Instead of thinking of opportunities as just "coming along", you can actually increase the number of opportunities available to you. There are specific principles you can use to assess whether a "possibility" has real "probability" and "profitability" for you.

Business Plan, Vision, Mission

Tune Up Your Vision to Ignite Your Business
Even the most well-conceived, authentic visions can veer off course or get lost on automatic pilot. When this happens, it can be a signal to tune up your business vision. Refining and building our "vision-sense" is an often overlooked tool of entrepreneurial success.

7 Core Elements of Your Vivid Vision!
Most leaders neglect to provide a statement of vision to the people they lead and when a vision is presented it usually lacks any vitality or inspirational value.

What to Include in Your Marketing Plan Write-Up
For those new to marketing planning, the thought of completing a plan from start to finish may feel daunting. It need not. The level of detail you choose to include in your marketing plan will depend on your resources and situation.

How to Develop an Effective Company Profile -- and Why
A company profile is essentially a resume for your company that you use to establish your credibility with the market you serve. Your company profile helps potential customers to understand your business as well as to understand your company's approach, unique strengths, and relevant experience.

Your First Mission Statement 
To start building your very first Mission Statement, you will need to answer three questions: 1) Who is your target market? 2) What does your target market want and need? 3) How can you fulfill these wants and needs?

The Top 10 Keys To Crafting a Compelling Mission Statement
Having a clear and concise mission statement for yourself and your company becomes your guiding compass as you journey through life.

5 Steps for Developing a Tag Line for Your Product, Business, or Website
A tag line is the one or two line descriptor that often comes after a product logo or company name. It is one of those things that looks simple but isn't. Large companies pay advertising agencies a lot of money to develop tag lines for their companies and brands. However, with some creativity and persistence, you can develop your own tag line.

Design Your Business The Way You Want
Whether you're starting a new business or developing an existing one, if you want to build it up, first you need to design it. This design should not only attract success but 'fit' for you personally. Instead of molding yourself to fit your business and conform to a particular way of doing business, you can design your business so that it is unique to you.


Success Factors

Open the Door to More Business with Your Ideas
Stop putting up walls to new clients and instead open many more doors for prospects to get to know you and see you as an expert.

Implement Your Ideas And Insights To Grow Your Business
Growing your business means doing more and more, and working harder and harder, doesn't it? Well, certainly the "doing" and the "taking actions" are critical elements. Without action being taken, your business will get nowhere fast. There are also times when you need to stop taking action, sit back and do nothing.

The 15 Proficiencies of Business Visibility
In order to get the clients and projects you want, your business must be visible to your Ideal Clients. To become visible, master the following 15 proficiencies. These proficiencies are critical to business success.

Define Yourself to Find Market Share
Make a determination of what your product or service will be, then package it and market it in such a way that people want your version as often, if not more than your competition! Market your differences, not your similarities. Diversity is the key to success. Packaging and Marketing are the tools.

Go Vertical Or Bust!
Become a specialist, and provide a product and/or service so rare, or hard to get anywhere else-( that is in demand of course )- that you are practically the only one online that provides it!

10 Tips to Grow Your Business Plain and Simple
This article provides tips to help you develop and grow a strong, solid business foundation.

Waiting On Your Big Break Is Playing Desperation Life!
Have you ever put all your eggs in one basket? Have you ever had so much riding on one big break that if it didn't happen you would have to move down to the zoo and live off of kudzu and stump water? If you have, you're playing desperation life!

Niche Markets

Define A Niche, Then Conquer!
Defining a niche is tough to do. But those who intend to succeed on the Web into the future, must find and conquer one. They must become the dominant name within it. They must provide great content that demonstrates expertise, over-deliver with quality products, and provide extremely high levels of support to all. 

How To Create Small Niches-That Attract Wealth
You can create wealth attracting niche ideas by learning to adapt. It's simple and effective. For example, adaptation is one of the most widely used principles for creating powerful money-making niches.

How To Create A Niche - And Grow Rich!
A niche fills an unmet customer need. Niches are at the heart of every successful industry, business, product, or service. Niche marketing is the opposite of mass (general) marketing. It targets specific people with specialized needs. Niches are what build industries, businesses, and jobs.

The 14 Commandments Of Creating A "Wealth Pulling" Niche!
To out-niche your competitors you must focus on these "14 commandments" of niche creation at all times. Observe the ones you apply to your business, product, or service ?and watch your sales soar.

How To Create Niche Ideas, Products, And Services! 
How to create simple niche ideas, products, and services that create wealth.

Niche Your Way to Profits!
As I work with small business owners, I am convinced that building a small business niche is the only way to success.

Get Rich Doing What Others Don't!
The quickest way to wealth that I've found to be true is to stick out your chest; give your best and do what others don't like to do!

Increase Sales - By Using A "Safety" Niche!
The vital need for more safety is a daily need that never goes away. If you can show others how your product or service can add safety to their life, you’d have a powerful niche.

Think Service Niche-And Grow Rich
In an ever-crowded market, when it’s getting harder to hit your profit target, when everyone’s trying a new sales pitch And trying to get rich, that’s when you need a service niche.

You And Amazon.Com
To the degree your site reflects major mistakes made at Amazon.Com, your business is at risk, just as is their's. Niche marketing is what it's all about. Amazon succeeded in this big time. Then forgot the rules. Have you made the same or a similar mistake?


Productivity And Your Business
Productivity. Has a nice sound to it, don't you think? Positive. Upbeat. Forward-looking. Something we probably all should be seeking to improve. Unfortunately, the word does not have the same meaning for all.

2009 - Year In Review
The Christmas gifts that were wrapped with such care, are now just a memory - at least until the bills from the charge cards arrive - and a New Year is upon us. No, this will not be an anthology of events, but rather some impressions.

Beware The Difficult Client
Into each business life waltzes the occasional difficult client. Luckily, most clients are a pleasure to work with. The pains in the derriere are also, when you have enough experience to recognize the type.

Terms And Conditions - Read Them!
We all seem to be in a hurry these days. And time is indeed precious. However to accept a set of terms and conditions without a careful read can bite you badly.

The Wholesale Misconception
One thing that's constantly misunderstood by people trying to run a home business on the Internet is the word "Wholesale". Some people think that working with a real wholesale supplier means that they will magically be able to sell products for less than anybody else on the planet, for ever and ever.

What if Business School Reflected Reality?
Since Fall is back to school time, we thought we’d present some courses that should be taught in business school.

The Language Of Business
There are certain concepts that successful business owners create, and then refine, over and over again. Spending your energy defining and applying these concepts to your business can build a strong, solid foundation.

When It’s Multicultural, and You Haven’t a Clue
In most interchanges, you and the person of another culture are after the same thing. Find it.

Are You 'Looking For Love' In All The Wrong Places?
Products are extremely easy to find, good information products could be a little harder. But the best information product to find and sell is the product you create yourself. You are a walking source of information.

Do You Really Care What People Think?
What people think usually leads to predictable behaviors that can really affect your organization for better or worse. Look at your employees. If they believe you really don’t care about them, your organization’s productivity can take a nose dive. Same is true with customers and prospects.

Intellectual Capital (It's Money in the Bank)
As long as the intellectual capital is only in the employee’s head, not written down, video taped, put on whatever medium you chose, made available for distribution, the company that thinks it possesses that capital, is at risk.

Useful One-liners
Recently, we shared a total of 20 books with each other, and I thought it would be interesting to formulate the most imperative message of each book. We listed the one-liners for the books presented on that day. The formulated one-liners, although not necessarily new or groundbreaking, may entail an important encouragement to the reader in his or her efforts to be the best possible leader at work, or in personal life.

Steering Business Though Tough Times

Surviving the First 1,000 Days of Your New Business 
From money problems to management problems, plenty of pitfalls can sink home-based businesses before they can reach their potential. Here are some of the common stumbling blocks to watch out for and how to avoid them.

10 Ways to Expand Your Business with Little Cash
Lack of money and cash flow problems commonly plague small businesses. Businesses are in desperate need of cash! With limited financial help available, small money-hungry businesses must think of creative ways to push their business forward.

How To Survive Your First Year in Business 
What's the best way to create a profitable business? A business you really love that makes the kind of money you really want? Planning, planning, and more planning.

Bullet-Proof Your Business
Today’s business environment isn’t getting any easier. I have learned that business never gets simpler. You can lament this fact or, you can take proactive measures to bullet-proof your business. Here are few strategies that can help:

Five Cool Resources for Small Businesses in Hot Water
Today more than 26 million Americans operate small businesses. Nearly all of those entrepreneurs will find themselves in a sticky situation at one time or another. Knowing exactly where to find solutions for problems can make the difference between success and failure.

Brave Thoughts for a Weak Economy
Two PR professionals, who have recently left the corporate nest to strike out on their own, advise readers on the roller-coaster ride of entrepreneurship.

Four Ways to Solve Workplace Problems
The root of most workplace challenges is no mystery. In fact, 90 percent of company problems boil down to lack of communication. It’s when your employees are no longer communicating effectively with one another, with customers, with you and, most importantly, with themselves.

Six Surefire Ways to Beat the Recession
Enough with the doom and gloom. So the economy is not as strong as we would like it to be. If you decide to curl up into a ball and just accept the worst, then you've already lost. You might as well just close up shop now.

10 ways to work through a business slowdown
As a small-business owner, you have a choice in terms of how you view the slowdown - it can either be a time of increased stress, frustration, worry - or you can view it as an opportunity to upgrade your business processes or improve the quality of your life.

Business Success in Trying Times
Being successful in small business has always had its special challenges. But with the uneasy pre-war economy and an economic recession in process, the challenges are getting tougher and tougher. Here are some simple tips for business success in these trying times.

Tough Times Demand Resilient Leaders
Are we stuck in out-moded patterns of behaviors that no longer serve us? What assumptions are we making and what actions can we take if the assumptions are confirmed? What resources can we call upon? How have we nurtured our relationships and support network?

How to Go on, When the Going Gets Rough!
There has never been a more opportune time to follow your heart and realize your dreams. However getting to the pot of gold is not always easy. It takes dedication, commitment and the willingness to do whatever it takes.

3 Attitudes for Personal and Business Success in War Time
During times of duress it is not uncommon for people and entire organizations to stand still while others seize the moment and pass them by. Many become paralyzed by economic uncertainty and the threat of homeland attack.

Tips for Relighting After Burnout: Energizing Self and Others
The current environment brings additional stress to our homes and offices. You all probably know some of the symptoms. Here are but a few. Check them off and then consider some actions.

Where is your business within the business cycle?
If you are stuck or on a downward spiral then it's time to re-evaluating where you are and where you expect to be in 1, 3, 5, and 10 years. If you want to move ahead quicker, take a look at what it is you need to get "there".

14 Ways To Boost Customer Response In A Tough Economy
Today, you must step up your tactics to keep your customers buying and away from the competition next door on the cyberspace highway.


10 Lessons for Every "Shoestring" Entrepreneur
Starting a business requires adequate capital. However, many entrepreneurs are finding that capital alone is not a guarantee for success. Some businesses start out with millions in the coffers, yet end up in the dumps. While a few businesses with shoestring budgets eventually grow to become extraordinary successes.

Today's Entrepreneur - Designing the Image of Your Business
How can you make your business cards and your company standout in the crowd? You design an image for your business that distinguishes your business from other companies. This can be accomplished by employing one or all of the following methods of company branding.

The Entrepreneurial Personality
Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Here is a checklist that you can use to determine if you possess (at least some) the ideal qualities that successful entrepreneurs possess.

The Lessons Walt Disney Learned Still Apply Today
Contrary to popular belief, Walt Disney spent more time as a struggler than a success. There were many occasions he could not foresee the results of his ideas, and they nearly brought him to financial ruin. Yet the lessons he learned through the years are useful and timeless.

Staying the Course 
Living a balanced life requires that you include, in your day-to-day routine, not only the things you must do but the things in which you find joy and delight.

Are You About To Give Up?
The Internet has provided many people with the opportunity to realize their fondest hopes and dreams of owing a small business. Unfortunately, many programs have been launched to take advantage of those with hopes and dreams, with the specific purpose of separating those people from their money.

The Top 11 Things That May Surprise You When You Become an Entrepreneur
If you've always worked for someone else, you may harbor fantasies of what it would be like to "be your own boss." While working for yourself has major advantages, if you choose this route you may find some surprises.

Work Your Small Business Dream
Nothing in life happens until you do something. Think, hope, plan, worry and ask as many questions as you like, but to reach your dreams you must take action and keep taking action.

Differentiate Yourself
The best way to compete is to differentiate ourselves—to stand out from our competition because of the unique gifts and special style we bring to the marketplace.

New year's Resolutions for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
Making resolutions means resolving to do something, committing to do something. In Emotional Intelligence terms this is called intentionality. It means saying what you mean, and meaning what you say. What are your intentions for your life this coming year? What do you intend to do to make this happen?

The Rainmaker
Many successful business professionals routinely take positive action to create opportunities for new business. More clients, more revenue, better client relationships and happier employees are just a few of the advantages you'll realize when you take business-building action for your enterprise.

What Do I Sell?
If you plan to operate on the internet, your first and foremost product should be yourself. You are your own product. You need to sell yourself to develop trust and credibility ?the basic elements for any sales process.

The Psychology of You 
You've thought about it for a long time. You've studied your options. You've talked to others that have done it. You're going to do it, too. You are ready to take the plunge. You are going to start your own business.

Lessons From the Dog
Are you good at anticipating changes in your business situation? If not, you should be. Just look at what I learned from my dog.

Clarity: The Mechanics in Business & Lifestyle
Many of us have had and still have dreams and desires for our lives. Those same many of us have not been taught or shown the real mechanics behind drawing our dreams come true to us. What I have now found in understanding the Mechanics of Clarity, is that I have a true Celebration for this life, and all that I do and be, and the folks and events that show up in it.

Is Your Personality Killing Your Business?
Courtesy and friendliness seem to be the lubricant that makes the cogs of society turn smoothly.

Indiscretions Can Kill Your Business
The quickest way to cancel out all the thought, work, energy, time and expense you've poured into promoting your business is with indiscretions. I'm not talking about giving your clients' confidential materials to their competitors, though that certainly will kill your business ?I'm talking about the indiscretions that leak out of your mouth.

Is Opportunity Knocking at Your Door Right Now?
Opportunities come disguised in many forms and shapes. They may come disguised as hard work, hardships, difficulties and obstacles. When you see them as opportunities and take them, who knows where you may end up?

Enjoy your business
Choose a business you love, because if you enjoy what you do. you will never think you work hard.

Four Traps that Catch Entrepreneurs
Here are four traps that stop entrepreneurs on their tracks or prevent them from pursuing their dreams.

The Power of Fear
Why is it that so many people SAY they want to operate their own business, but then fail to take any action when required to do so? Fear. Pure and simple.

Growing Pains

How To Mind Map Your Business
If you're doing business on the Web, sooner or later you'll probably begin to feel like a juggler trying to keep ten balls flying through the air at the same time. There are just too many elements in your business plan to keep them all going at once.

Business Owners: No time to work on your business? Here's a solution you haven't heard before
It isn't lack of opportunity that keeps business owners from greater profits; it's lack of time. Overwhelmed with the day-to- day details of running a business and delivering a service, most business owners end up spending little time doing what they do best. The result is not only lost opportunities, but a growing sense of frustration.

Don’t Shrink ?RETHINK!
Now is the time to pull together and think creatively about our businesses. When times are easy, unfortunately, we often lose the edge to monitor performance, to question out-dated procedures and unnecessary expenses.

Building Business Momentum
If it's time to grow your business, you'll want to manage that growth as efficiently as possible. Here are four ways to make your business grow and develop if you're past the startup stage.

Are You Watching Your Competitors?
It is very important that you study your competition because they are the businesses that you could lose potential customers to. Potential customers always make a mental picture of your business and grade you in their mind. If you stay ahead of the competition, you will always have a better grade.

How To Use a "Hot Market" To Build Your Business
A hot market usually involves something new or previously unknown. It offers a big benefit or solves a big problem for a lot of people. It also offers you a big opportunity to build your business.

5 Rules for Bartering Your Way to Business Growth
Bartering for goods or services can build your company’s experience and expertise, expand your client base, and provide you with crucial business supplies or services while conserving cash. You need to take care, however.

Give Your Business A Gift
We each arrive in this world bearing a set of gifts that is uniquely ours. During this season of gift giving, I invite you to take a look at gifts that don't require wrapping - the ones that are innately yours.

Want a More Simple Business? Start Here
Every time you make a decision to significantly change an aspect of your business, you are starting a new battle between complexity and simplicity. It's a battle fought on three fronts. Most of the time complexity wins.

Top Ten Strategies for Boosting Small Biz Profits
If you are in a slump, the fastest way to jump-start your sales is to reach out and touch as many people as possible using your unique talents and gifts. These ten tips will guide you to maximizing profits from your small business while becoming a biz expert one day at a time.

Go Big or Go Home!
Each person has the opportunity to define ‘big?for herself. If we are to live our dreams and visions about how we want our lives to be, how we want to be remembered, what our contribution to our daily world could be, it IS true. Go big or go home!

Spring! And How Does Your Garden (Business) Grow?
Starting, nurturing, and growing a business is very much like starting a spring garden.

Going Global

Seven Arguments for Going Global
The prospect of entering new markets around the world and selling products or services to new prospects sounds like a great plan. But most companies have not yet evolved their planning past ‘make lots of money in new markets?daydreaming and when it comes to their international market strategies, their aspirations deflate.

Exporting: The Fastest Way To Grow A Small Manufacturing Business!
Exporting is, really, no more difficult than marketing your products here in the U.S. -- All you have to do is...Make a Sale...Get Paid...and Ship Your Product. The rest of the procedures can be handled, inexpensively, by the customary service providers. Beyond that, exporting can allow a small manufacturing company to grow...almost exponentially.

How to start a successful import business using the Internet
Whether you are starting a new import business or planning to expand your existing business, you too can use the Internet as your primary channel for getting information, sourcing products or services, finding suppliers and doing your marketing.

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International Mail order: Exporting is nothing more than selling overseas ... by mail.
Most companies that export their products do not maintain offices in other countries. They do not hire and employ sales people in other countries. Nor do they ever meet the people they sell to. Instead of opening offices or hiring sales people in other countries, most exporters market their products overseas by mail. replica watches sac louis vuitton sac louis vuitton They sell their products in volume to other businesses who, in turn, resell the products in their country.

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