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Power Work - Managing Emotions & Their Crayons
Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

We've heard it said that those who manage their emotions, manage their lives & get all the goodies. Sounds great, but how do you do that? This article is about just that & more.

Without a doubt, the ultimate key to high level functioning & performance in all areas of life is emotional management. With just a couple of new tools on your belt, that of Interactive Awareness & Interactive Self-hypnosis, you can be on your way to a smoother emotional life. Interactive Awareness is like having a new pair of perspective eyeglasses, allowing you to relax deeply & to see very clearly in the moment. Interactive Self- hypnosis is a powerful change tool that utilizes active imagery in combination with deep relaxation right in the moment. This pair forms a perfect conduit for managing emotions of all varieties.

In Interactive Self-Hypnosis you learn to disassociate, or separate yourself from your emotional state. It helps to under- stand that you are not your emotions. Emotions are simply a part of you that needs management, even when the presenting emotion is positive! Here you will be re-introduced to your emotions as if they were children wearing tee shirts with their names embroidered on the front for clear identification.

Emotions spend their day coloring experiences. Sometimes the colors work well & other times not so well. On occasion the crayon colors are too heavy & other times too light & if the emotion holds the crayon too tight, or presses too hard the crayon can break & you might experience this as a complete loss of control of your emotional self.

As you begin to look around the world, as well as at your own behaviors with your new perspective eyeglasses, you will spot some pretty interesting emotional states & their crayons. Re- member, the more you are willing to see, the better for you.

Knowledge is key. Working with emotional states is a skill just like anything else. We have emotions that work in a positive way for us, & others that don't. These are often called negative emotions, but it's important to keep in mind that even negative ones also have their good points & can be useful in certain situations. You'll come to understand & that these emotions can help to open the subconscious mind through releasing.

When looking at emotional states it's a good idea to know that there are hundreds of them. Few people can name more than twenty. Some emotions are experienced as having negative high- power such as anger. You also have positive high-powered emotions as well, for example ecstasy could be considered in that group. You also have negative lower-powered emotions, for example annoyance & on the positive side you might consider the emotion of being pleasant. Sometimes the momentary experience is about the choice of emotion & other times it's about the intensity of the crayoning.

Interactive Awareness Practice helps us to see the details & what is truly unfolding in the moment. How good are your self- observation skills? While most of us can name or describe our high-powered positive & negative emotions, most of us fall short when it comes to the lower-powered ones. This is most un- fortunate because these are the emotions that hang around more frequently, coloring daily experiences, & are usually the ones responsible for stress related diseases & interfering with goal achievement. We often call them our personality traits, often believing that they can't be changed because they are who we are. This in itself conjures up some interesting images. For example, what would happen if one's anger, resentment & failure programs were diminished or removed? Would they evaporate? This is a living example of how nonsense language finds it's way into our subconscious mind programs.

It helps to see emotions like visitors who knock at your door. You can choose who want to invite inside, as well as the decorum you expect or need in any moment. In the practice of interactive self-hypnosis we can isolate moments & work with them as separate entities. If you look closely enough with your new perspective eyeglasses, you will notice that each moment has a separate goal, something you want & that each moment has emotions present that are holding specific crayons. So, this is all about choice. What does your goal look like, what emotions &/or crayons are best in this moment? You might have to give up some automatic pilot programming if you want the goal. This is maturity & the ability to see your outcomes very clearly. This is self-development & self-growth.

How good are you at naming your emotions? Remember that you have both negative & positive ones. Some are big & some are small. Do keep in mind that they all have crayons! As you become skilled with your new tools of Interactive Awareness& Inter- active Self-Hypnosis you will be able to wake up to what works for you, coloring you towards your goals. & if your crayons aren't working for you, you can simply choose to change colors... right in the moment.

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Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, SRN, CPH is a Workplace Health Educator, President & Program Designer, Sarasota Medical & Sports Hypnosis Institute located in Sarasota, FL & online at & She specializes in stress management, high level health & achievement for adults,children, executives & athletes.

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