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International Trade

Exporting: The Fastest Way To Grow A Small Manufacturing Business!
Exporting is, really, no more difficult than marketing your products here in the U.S. -- All you have to do is...Make a Sale...Get Paid...and Ship Your Product. The rest of the procedures can be handled, inexpensively, by the customary service providers. Beyond that, exporting can allow a small manufacturing company to grow...almost exponentially.

International Mail order: Exporting is nothing more than selling overseas ... by mail.
Most companies that export their products do not maintain offices in other countries. They do not hire and employ sales people in other countries. Nor do they ever meet the people they sell to. Instead of opening offices or hiring sales people in other countries, most exporters market their products overseas by mail. They sell their products in volume to other businesses who, in turn, resell the products in their country.

International Success Tips - Business Meeting Gifts
Preparing for a business meeting requires a working knowledge of the information to be discussed or presented, careful attention to all details on the printed material to be distributed, and perhaps a gift. This gift is a social gesture that may be expected in some countries, and could be considered a bribe in others. Knowing the gift guidelines for the country you’ll be visiting will help make your meeting a success.

Multiculturalism: The New Reality
Multiculturalism is a reality in the US and for those of us who do business globally. The initial interactions can make or break the relationship. Here are some tips.

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Source: US SBA

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