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Understanding the Role of Your Legal Adviser
As you consider the legal issues that face growing companies, you should start with two basic questions: how do lawyers add value for emerging companies? And how do you find a lawyer who's the right "fit" for your needs? When you cut through the paperwork, here's what a lawyer for your emerging company should be able to do.

Contracts Demystified
Having a good contract can save you time and money in the long term. It isn't necessary to have a lawyer draw up or review your contract, but in most cases, it is a good idea. 

Legal Resources

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bullet Intellectual Property & Legal Services including patents & medical malpractice.
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bullet SBA Hearings and Appeals
bullet Thomas - Library of Congress Legislative Information
bullet U.S. Federal Courts Finder
bullet - North American Industrial Classification System code
bullet NAICS Association
bullet - Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes
bullet American Bar Association Fact Books
bullet Dept of Labor: Small Business Compliance Assistance Information Inventory Matrix
bullet WWW Virtual Library_Law - Indiana University School of Law
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