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Is Accounts Receivable Draining Your Cash Flow?
Making a sale is very important. But collecting the money for the sale is also extremely important. It does not do any good to sell a product if you don't collect your money.

How to Negotiate Equity Ownership When Raising Money for Your Business
Three tips to negotiate a larger share of equity ownership in your business and get investors to feel less exposed to losing their investment.

Five Tips for Successful Business Financing
Ninety-five percent of company start-ups are backed by a patchwork of savings and personal loans. Here are tips to do it right.

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How to Manage Your Money!
The number one reason why all businesses online and off-line fail, is probable because the owners overestimate how much money they have to spend. Many owners will spend more money than the business is making and will eventually fall apart. Many businesses that fail do not know how to manage their money properly and make a few mistakes that cost them big time in the long run.

Financial Intelligence - Do You Have It?
The rich and successful stand out from the rest because of their Financial Intelligence education, not their scholastic education. This is something that we are not taught in school but rather something that is acquired.

New, Comprehensive Financial Resource for Entrepreneurs
The number of entrepreneurs is rising steadily to meet todayís new economic challenges. Often they find themselves in a whirlwind of paperwork and confusing choices about how to legally keep more of their earnings, instead of paying higher taxes to the IRS. Because of the mťlange of unknown variables, the two biggest financial drains to the business owner -- taxes and lawsuits -- are prevalent, yet manageable with the right advice.

Get Control of Your Service Invoices
Don't let confusing vendor invoices get you down. David Thornewill tells you how to get a handle on invoices and make your business run smoother.

Financing Your Home Business
So, you have a great idea for a business and, more importantly, the know-how to bring it into creation. The only thing you're missing is the cold hard cash to get started. What are your options? Fortunately, there are a number of sources of finance for the fledgling small business entrepreneur, at least one of which may be right for you.

The General Journal - Your Most Versatile Accounting Tool
A journal is a record of transactions that shows the accounts and amounts of both the debit side and credit side of the entry. A General Journal is the primary journal or place to record transactions that do not fit into any other journal.

Plan Your Estate, or the State Will Do It For You
There are certain things that you must do to take care of yourself and your family. One such responsibility is planning for what will happen to your assets when you die. While it may be something most people don't like to dwell on, everyone needs an estate plan.

Donít Let Poor Estate Planning Tear Your Family Apart
If you die without a will, a court will decide, based on state law, who will inherit your property. In most cases, the result might be contrary to your wishes.

Applying For A Business Loan: Putting Your Best Foot Forward
You may find that as long as you have substantial equity in a home, good credit, and adequate cash flow that you are a tasty morsel in the mouth of a loan officer. However, if you are short in any of these areas, you are going to have to overcome the bankerís natural skepticism.

Capturing 401(k) Benefits Without The Hassle
A "non-qualified" deferred compensation plan might make more sense for your key employees. Such plans allow employers to select participants and design the benefits they'll receive without any statutory ceiling or ERISA mandates.

Beefing Up Your 401(k) Account - Automatically
Experience indicates that automatic enrollment results in just about everybody staying with the plan and benefiting from it.

How Family Limited Partnerships Build Wealth
The family limited partnership is an increasingly popular and sometimes controversial tool for saving estate taxes, protecting assets and tax-efficiently shifting income from one family member to another.

Retirement Plans Are For Retirement, Not Estate Planning
Two senior IRS officials have publicly raised serious questions about the legality of a pension's purchase of life insurance, in this case a 'second-to-die' policy on the lives of an employee-participant and his wife.

Sidestep The Risk Of Independent Contractors Who Aren't
Whatever the parties believe or contract, the IRS has the final word about whether or not a worker is really an employee.

What Venture Capitalists Really Want
After years of free-spending excess, venture capitalists are revealing a new, back-to-basics attitude that's healthy for the venture-capital (VC) industry, and even healthier for the cash-strapped entrepreneurs it supports. Now they care about quality more than they ever did before.

Wealth Retention Through Tax-Focused Planning: The Next Financial Challenge
Affluent women and minorities must now become savvy about how to seek the advice of tax attorneys who specialize in helping their clients retain their hard-earned wealth through the strategic use of the tax laws that will help them to reduce taxes paid during their personal and business lives, and on their estates after their deaths.

How Alaskan Trusts Can Protect Your Wealth
Alaska may now become the most hospitable estate planning jurisdiction in the United States. The new gold rush results from a new law, the Alaska Trust Act, which clearly and cleanly responds to two of the toughest of financial planning challenges.

Taking Your Stock Profits Without A Current Tax Bite
The tax trick creates a tax deferral on stock profits reinvested in Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs), a specially treated venture capitalist which provides equity or loans to small businesses.

How To Take Up To $500,000 Out of Your Corporation -- Tax Free!
Here's a legal loophole that will allow you to take up to a half million dollars out of your small business corporation --- Tax Free!

Business Tax Loophole: Leasing Assets To Your Corporation
Leasing assets to your corporation is a tax strategy you should absolutely consider if you already have a corporation or are thinking about forming one.

New Tax Law Turns Small Biz Loophole Into A Crater
In case you were too busy last year to notice, our beloved politicians passed another tax bill designed to put more dollars in your pocket.

Protect Your Assets in Business
Many people are starting an online business without a thought about the danger this may pose to their personal assets. The type of protection you need depends upon the nature of your business and the amount of your personal assets.

Building From A Budget
A budget is basically a financial statement of your business plan. It is a projection of the future activity of your business, as opposed to a statement of the current status of your business. It looks at where you want your business to be within a given time frame and what you need to achieve in order to get there.

Why Incorporating Can Mean Amazing Tax Savings
There can be considerable tax savings waiting the sole trader who decides to go down the road to incorporation. But, one needs to proceed with caution and careful planning. And donít forget the biggest advantage of incorporation, which is Protection from Personal Liability.

Why You Might Need More Trusts Than You - Or Your Lawyer - Think You Should!
When designing an estate plan, the careful lawyer might recommend that the client set up several trusts. Transferring different kinds of assets into different trusts can be a very smart move.

Survival Tips For Small Businesses
You've got to know how to keep your business alive during economic recessions. Anytime the cash flow in a business, large or small, starts to tighten up, the money management of that business has to be run as a "tight ship."

Shareholder Value Assurance ?The Cure for Enronitis
The author answers questions about his breakthrough system for sustainable business growth.

The Deferred Payment Scam
One of the biggest problems facing individuals today is being able to control their personal finances. The rate of inflation has leveled off, but individual indebtedness seems to be going through the ceiling with a record number of bankruptcies being filed each year.

Developing Multiple Streams of Income for Your Home-Based Business
Although specialization has its benefits, businesses who derive all of their profit from a single area are overall more susceptible to economic fluctuations and less profitable in the long term.

If Cash is King, Cashflow is The Castle
While cash is king, cashflow is definitely a better option. So here's a question: What can you do to infuse an endless stream of cash into your business? While every single business is  different, with individual needs, goals and processes, here are two key result areas upon which you may want to ponder.

Cash Flow Management
Cash. Most people want more. When running a small business it's particularly important to monitor how cash is coming in and how much cash is going out.

Disposing of Assets: Figuring the Gain or Loss
Knowing how to write the proper adjusting journal entries that will record all the parts of a sale or trade of your fixed assets is a little complicated.

Financial Inventory
Letís consider financial goals for the upcoming year and take an inventory of what you currently have and which direction you need to go.

Five Tips To Help Entrepreneurs Find Early Stage Capital in a Tough (But Improving) Market: 
How the Venture Capitalists Nationwide Say to Do It.

Uncover And Eliminate The Hidden Costs Now
Now is the time to take a closer look, to find, uncover and eliminate the "hidden costs". The hidden costs are far less obvious to the major decision makers, and may be most obvious to the people who are closest to getting the work done.

The Secret Success Principle For Small Businesses Everywhere
If you are involved in any small or home-based business, the secrets of success discovered over a century ago by an Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto, will skyrocket your sales and profits.

Small Business Loans That are Easier to Get
When it comes to small business loans the majority of banks and financial institutions are out of step with the needs of the small business owners. They ignore the fact that going forward businesses with the greatest potential for growth will be those whose real assets consist of the ideas, knowledge, and vision of the owners and employees.

Attract more Venture Capital by Avoiding Angel Round Conflict
Angel capital is the indisputable king of startup capital. On the other hand, an improperly structured Angel capital investment can jeopardize an early stage company's prospects for raising venture capital. Here's a strategy for avoiding problems.

Fundamentals of Selling A Business - Preparation
Business owners invest much time and effort into their businesses, and most arrive at the hard decision to sell their businesses at some point in time. After the decision to sell has been made, there are a number of preparatory measures that make your company more appealing to potential buyers, and they may take from two to twelve months to implement.

Fundamentals of Selling A Business - Marketing and Prospecting the Buyer
To successfully sell your business, it is essential that you know how to communicate its appeal, and understand the factors that potential buyers have to consider.

Fundamentals of Selling A Business - Negotiating and Closing the Deal
Prior to negotiating the deal, you must establish clear and achievable goals. Ten practical tips for successful negotiations are as follows:

"Solo" 401(k) Plans Offer Big Tax Deductions: Tax-Deferred Investing to the Max
Major changes to the US tax laws now allow small business owners to establish 401(k) plans more easily than ever before, and benefit from bigger 401(k) plan deductions than they've ever seen.

The 10 Cash Flow Rules You Can't Afford to Ignore
Here are 10 Rules to help you take control of your cash flow so you can create the business you have always dreamed of. Taking control of your cash flow is easier than you think.

Collect Your Money - On Time!
Most SOHO and small business owners don't have the financial resources to wait for their customers to pay them. The inability to collect money in a timely manner is a leading reason for small business failures.

Risky Business: Get the Money You Need to Finance Your Biz
Here are some unconventional ways to get the money you need.

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