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New, Comprehensive Financial Resource for Entrepreneurs

(ARA) - The number of entrepreneurs is rising steadily to meet today’s new economic challenges. Often they find themselves in a whirlwind of paperwork and confusing choices about how to legally keep more of their earnings, instead of paying higher taxes to the IRS. Because of the mélange of unknown variables, the two biggest financial drains to the business owner -- taxes and lawsuits -- are prevalent, yet manageable with the right advice.

Now, leading personal finance experts Diane Kennedy, CPA and attorney Garrett Sutton, who have shared years of expertise in the Rich Dad’s Advisors best-selling book and lecture series, simplify the process by bringing the “average-income-earner-turned-business-owner” advice in a box. The Business Structures & Tax Loopholes Box is a new, comprehensive resource offering legal forms, instruction, and tax and legal advice that addresses the many questions entrepreneurs are likely to have.

“People can change their lives by learning the secrets and strategies of the rich. Therefore, we have created The Box in hopes of making the steps to becoming wealthy more accessible to the masses,” says Sutton, whose book was listed on “Business Week’s” best-seller list.

The advice in The Business Structures and Tax Loopholes Box covers:

How to discover hidden business deductions


How to cover assets to avoid devastating legal action


How the right corporate legal structure can save thousands of dollars


How to develop tax savings strategies


How to rescue a 401(k) or other pension fund, and innovative ways to use pension funds to buy real estate.

“The average 50-year-old has no net-worth due to taxes, the single biggest expense of Americans today. Knowing how to lessen this lifelong expense can help make you wealthy, and that’s why The Box was designed. It contains the information, strategies, and tools needed to get rich,” says Kennedy, a tax strategist to some of the richest people in the world. Kennedy’s book is a “Wall Street Journal,”, and “Business Week” bestseller.

For more than 20 years Diane Kennedy, CPA, author of “Loopholes of the Rich: How The Rich Legally Make More Money & Pay Less Tax,” and Garrett Sutton, Esq., author of “Own Your Own Corporation: Why The Rich Own Their Own Companies and Everyone Else Works For Them,” have been offering advice to their wealthy clients and are now able to share it with everyone at  and at

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