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2 Beliefs Essential For Success
By Gordon Bryan

Want to unlock your potential? Want to move forward to success? Well neither of these will happen in a month of Sundays without belief.

I always harp on about attitude being the magic word, and belief is one attitude you MUST have.

Not only that, but there are TWO types of beliefs needed!

The first is belief that it will happen.

Whatever your goal is, however you want to improve your life, whatever wealth you want, in order for any of it to come true, you need to believe that it *will* happen.

You need to know this for a fact, not just some wishy-washy hope that it would be nice, but know for a fact that it can and will happen to YOU.

The second belief is in yourself as a person, and your right to succeed and enjoy abundance.

Abundance is all around, but most people do not tap into it, they don't grab their fair share, because they just don't believe.

They either feel they are undeserving of the good things, or they believe that something or someone will wreck their plans.

Can you guess who that 'someone' is, that will wreck your plans? Yourself!

Without the two cast-iron beliefs firmly in place, you will not see your plans through, you won't go that extra mile, you won't be prepared to pay the price.

You ARE worth it!

You, me, all of us, we are individuals making our own way thru the journey of life.

Each of us is a worthy person, and fully deserves to enjoy life, whatever that may mean to each of us.

As one of your affirmations, tell yourself that you are a strong and worthy person, and your 2 beliefs will be nicely in place to support your efforts all the way.

You will believe that you are worthy of the success, and you will believe you have the strength to overcome any hurdles.

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Copyright Gordon Bryan 2003

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