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Simple Steps to Leading Better 
By Amrit Hallan

A good leader has a great impact on the success and failure of a business project. Leadership is all about channelizing the skills and abilities of your subordinates towards the designated goal. A leader always encourages the team, keeps it focused on the main objective, nourishes individual talent, and gives due credit where it belongs.

In this article we throw some light on how you can lead your team better by following a few simple rules. Your leadership qualities should arouse respect and not fear. Remember a true leader is the one who never gives the hint of leading but unleashes the potential of the others.


Be patient with them. They are not the sum total of their qualifications, professional degrees and experiences. They carry with them their ideals, beliefs, peculiarities, cultural and ethnic values. So if you are interacting with them, you have to keep the individual differences in mind.


It is always emphasized that the first person who comes to you with a grudge always has an upper hand. Avoid these temptations or avoid falling prey to these clichťs. If someone first comes to you with a grievance donít assume that he or she is an initiator or innocent. Donít let him or her walk away with an edge. Hear the version of the other party too. Only then take a decision.


Be a better judge of characters, after al thatís why you are a leader! Show a keen professional interest in your employees. After a while you will come to know who are performers and who are riders. Praise the performers publicly but criticize them in person. For riders you can allot them certain responsibilities where they have to perform before the team or audience. It will force them to sharpen their skills.


Keep the channels of communication open. They will keep the confusions and rumors at bay.


Avoid being seen with a particular employee often and for long durations. Even if both of you are discussing something as mundane as the share market, it will send the wrong signal to others and the particular employee in question can exploit this nearness.


You always lead better and communicate effectively if you keep abreast with the latest developments in your field. This keeps your smart and updated, and conveys to your subordinates that you cannot be taken for a ride. It also instills confidence in you as a leader.

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