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Strategies for Successful Joint Ventures
Joint venture marketing relationships can be extremely valuable. Making them work does take time and consume resources. And because you don't have unlimited time and resources, it makes sense to be strategic in selecting your joint venture partners.

The Secret To Million Dollar Joint Ventures
Small JV's are easy to set up, but to set up really worthwhile JV's... what I call "million dollar joint ventures" you need to do this face to face.

What are Joint Ventures (JVs)?
JVs are a win-win situation. If you want more TRAFFIC and know someone who already have it, all you have to do is contact that person, talk with him and form a JV partnership.

Checklist of Questions to Answer Before You Buy A Franchise
Before putting any money into a franchise, you should investigate everything completely. We've prepared a list of questions you should be asking, and should get satisfactory answers to before investing.

Four Easy Steps to a Powerful Joint Venture
One of the most common misunderstandings about Joint Ventures is that you have to be a 'Big Dog' to do a successful JV. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you have a good idea, access or resale rights to a great product, or a responsive mailing list (size really doesn't matter) you are a perfect candidate to create a winning JV.

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Small Businesses and the Power of Strategic Alliances 
Strategic alliances are opportunities for small businesses to accomplish things that would otherwise take much more money or staff time. This article explores several ways small businesses can collaborate with other business entities.

How to Create Powerful Strategic Alliances
How can you reward your network? How can you do so on a consistent basis? And how can you turn your network into a networking system? The answer is by developing and establishing a network of strategic marketing alliances.

Joint Ventures Can Help You Reap Big Profits
Joint ventures are one of the most effective marketing techniques being used by Internet marketers today. Joint ventures are where different parties pool each others marketing resources together to achieve a profitable outcome. Joint ventures usually benefit both parties more than if each party had attempted to do the marketing campaign on their own.

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The Most Powerful Marketing Method Ever Invented (Joint Venture Marketing)
Joint Venture Marketing just may be the most powerful marketing method ever invented. It is the strategic use of a companies underutilized assets to make profits that they did not make before.

Faster Sales With Joint Ventures
What is the quickest way to making fast profits on the Internet? Setting up joint ventures with established Internet marketers could be your key to real profits.

How to Multiply Your Marketing Like a Virus
Viral marketing is a concept used to proliferate the knowledge of your existence on the web through other people's efforts. Be it word-of-eye advertising, referrals, affiliate programs, joint ventures and so on, it all comes down to that fundamental business process called networking.

Joint Ventures: What the? Why me? How to?
An overview of what a Joint Venture is, and how YOU can set one up.

Pros and Cons of Franchise Businesses
For the individual owner, there are definite advantages to franchising, some of which are outlined in the list below.

Franchise Legal Considerations
One of the most important events in franchising is the introduction of the Franchise Rule on October 21, 1979 by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC Franchise Rule requires all franchisors operating anywhere in the U.S. to make full disclosure of the information that a prospective franchisee needs in order to make a rational decision about whether or not to invest.

Can Joint Ventures Find You?
Joint Venture marketing is the secret key to uncovering the hidden asset of your ability to contact literally millions of people, rapidly, with the utmost credibility.

Leverage Your Way to Profits With Joint Ventures
How do you identify a good Joint Venture situation? How do you structure the partnership so that everyone wins? How do you approach a potential Joint Venture partner?

Leverage Your Way to Profits With Joint Ventures (Part 3)
As many people as there are creating new products, there are thousands more trying to successfully promote them.

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