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Four Easy Steps to a Powerful Joint Venture
By Roy Oron

If you have been online very long you have probably heard the term 'Joint Venture'. Today I'd like to take a moment to define just what a Joint Venture is and also share my simple four-step formula for creating a win-win Joint Venture.

Before we begin, please allow me to say that my business has been built on Joint Ventures. My site went from a handful of visitors a day to over 8000 a day in less than a year.

But this article is about YOU, not me.

First, the term Joint Venture simply means a partnership between you and another business person. A Joint Venture (JV) usually involves selling a product online by means of sending an email to a mailing list.

Sometimes you have the list and your JV partner has the product. Sometimes it's the other way around. And sometimes a JV includes you both sending a sales message about each other's products to your own list.

In each case, it's a Joint Venture.

One of the most common misunderstandings about Joint Ventures is that you have to be a 'Big Dog' to do a successful JV. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you have a good idea, access or resale rights to a great product, or a responsive mailing list (size really doesn't matter) you are a perfect candidate to create a winning JV.

Now let me share with you my proven, four-step formula for JV Success.

1. Do It Now.

This may sound simple to you, but I can't even count high enough to count the money people have left behind by simply not asking.

Remember, you do NOT have to have a big name or reputation to approach someone on a JV. What matters most is the fit of your product or service to their list, or visa versa.

2. Approach The RIGHT Partners.

One common mistake is approaching sites based on what you perceive about their reach. We all tend to think 'Wow, he has a huge list; we could make a fortune.' While a big list is appealing, what matters most is the fit.

So, who DO you approach?

You approach sites that *compliment*, but don't compete with, your product or service. Simply think through what your customer might buy next and approach those sites.

People who just bought cars often change insurance carriers. People who just bought copywriting might need an autoresponder for the messages they had created. So, if you own the autoresponder service (or you are an affiliate) you approach the copywriter.

Another great match could be weight loss and clothing (show off that new slim you!) You get the idea.

HOT TIP: Don't forget your competition. Check out who links to your competitors' web site and see if they might like to offer their clients another option.

3. Automate And Personalize.

While it's smart to use software to find and approach potential JV partners, it's wise to also let your personality shine through.

If you are approaching someone with a big mailing list, you can be sure others have approached as well. Write your email in such a way to be personal, and to the point. Many times, the letters you will find in software products designed for the JV market are the perfect place to start.

4. Think Win-Win.

The best Joint Ventures are those where both parties win. Sure, making money is good; but great JVs are about more than just the cash. A GREAT JV is one that benefits both parties and starts a relationship that carries on to the next profitable project.

No matter what product or service you promote, you CAN find great JV partners to help you sell more in less time. And when that happens you may also create the foundation for a beautiful friendship as well.

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(c) 2003 Roy Oron

Roy Oron went from almost no sales to over $500,000 in sales using only Joint Ventures. Now he's written a detailed, step-by-step guide about exactly how he did it, and how you can do it too. Filled with over 17 powerful videos, you can sit back, watch, and become a JV expert in the privacy of your own home. You have to see this now at

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