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Leverage Your Way to Profits With Joint Ventures (Part 3)
By Russ Shearer

Once you have done your first successful Joint Venture, you will be on the lookout for other such arrangements and will begin to develop an entire network of Joint Venture partners.

Sometimes it seems that there are enough products to last a lifetime - that everybody and his brother is coming out with a new book or piece of software, but...

As many people as there are creating new products, there are thousands more trying to successfully promote them. So I thought today, I would address an important issue, specifically for that segment of readers.

An important tip for endorsers...

Be SELECTIVE in the Joint Venture deals you participate in. DO NOT sacrifice your credibility by promoting a product that you aren't convinced has value. In other words, believe in everything you promote. If you recommend everything that has the potential to put some money in your pocket - you run the risk of destroying your credibility, and losing the privilege of contacting those on your list that had been responsive customers.

As long as your customers know that you will not recommend just anything for a profit, they will continue to respect your opinion and seriously consider your offers. That is why you should insist on all your JV's being of the highest caliber.

Know your audience. Try to find products and services that would really help your customers and offer the owners a JV deal. Ideally it will be something you already use or have read and have first-hand knowledge of.

If you are approached by a product owner to promote their product - insist on a copy of the product so you can review it ... and take the time to do so!

If you are new to this, and product merchants haven't found you yet, you'll be in the position of having to search out products to fit your market, and you probably shouldn't even approach the product owner, until you have that first-hand knowledge of the product. That means you will have to purchase it. Then, if you really like the product, you can approach the owner with an enthusiastic offer. I have purchased products in the past simply to determine if they were everything they should be, and if they really fit my target audience.

If you do really like something, there is absolutely no reason you can't approach the owner and ask them if they would be interested in letting you sell it to your list for a split of the profits.

Your First Product:

You may even be able to find a product that hasn't even seen the light of day! Let's say you find a product that has no affiliate program. Either the owner is trying to sell it on his own from his website (with little or no traffic), or maybe they haven't even considered the prospects of selling online.

You might even find a website that has a lot of original information available on the web pages - totally free! This might just be the birth of your own product. Just look what you might be able to do with this.

Here's a true story, and it turned out to be very easy to do.

A member of our forum found a website in the auto repair field, where the owner of the site was busily defining himself in a niche and enjoying the spotlight of having become a recognized "expert" in a couple of related forums - but he was giving everything away!

He had detailed, annotated photos with step by step repair instructions, and a gleaming reputation - so everyone wanted his information and he had plenty of traffic based on his reputation on the forums. The only thing anyone ever complained about was the verrrrry slow page loads, because of the intense graphics.

Long story, short. The member offered to "productize" everything that could be organized from his web site, onto a CD. All of the valuable information on the web site was replaced with a sales page and a PayPal "Buy Now" button.

The owner provides the traffic, maintains the PayPal account in his name, handles order fulfillment (burning the CD, shipping it internationally), and hosts the web site. The endorser compiled the product (from existing material), and wrote some sales copy. Now he does nothing but split the profits on a product that the owner sells for $29.95.

In this case, the result was a physical product that required shipping. You could do the same thing, but create a downloadable product from someone else's material. You both win.

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