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The Secret To Million Dollar Joint Ventures
by Willie Crawford

If you are in the internet marketing arena and seeking joint ventures, do yourself a big favor. Take a look at the websites of many of the top marketers who have created and jointly marketed products with others. Take a look at 20 or more of these sites.

If you looked at the same sites that I often study, you'll notice something that seems "strange" at first. You will see that the same people often endorse each others products and often produce products together. You'll even see this will multi-million dollar producers such as Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, and Jay Abraham... to an extent.

Now here's a million dollar secret. These guys really do often have projects that they've co-produced or joint ventured on. If this isn't obvious to you, go back and study some more sites. Better yet, get any of Jay Abraham's tapes and listen to him explain the benefits of joint ventures.

When you first notice this phenomena it will strike you as "bogus" or somehow unfair! You'll think, "they only joint venture with each other." You'll become convinced that they only endorse or provide testimonials for each other's products. You'll think that since the "big guys" all do this, then the less well-know marketers couldn't possibly break into this "club."

Nothing could be farther from the truth! If you go back only one or two years, you'll see that many of the people now considered big name were unknowns. You'll see that many of these people were just newbies only a few years ago.

So how did they break into the big time? What was the secret that propelled them ahead of the crowd? What was the secret that gave them access to big name marketers who could help them grow really fast? In a word - contacts! They were usually introduced to those who could help them through mentors and friends.

Another way that many of these "stars" broke out of the crowd was by finding a way to hang out with those already doing what they wanted to do. Every success book that I've ever read, by someone making millions, tells you that you have to learn from someone already doing it. Those NOT already doing it, can't possibly teach you something that they don't fully understand. They can share with you their theories and what they think is the key to success.

Here's the one question that you need to ask yourself anytime someone offers to share with you a success secret. This one question will keep you from making many major mistakes. It will save you from those who don't have a clue what they're talking about. That one question is, "Is the person offering me this great advice achieving any measure of success applying his OWN advice?"

The title of Harvey MacKay's book, Beware The Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt" says it perfectly! That man can't give you what he doesn't have... and neither can many people you'll encounter who are all to anxious to offer you advice for your business.

So how do you meet and hang out with those you want to learn from? How do you meet and learn from those that you want as mentors or JV partners? Do it the same way that most of them did it. Find gatherings where the people you want to learn from congregate. Attend the meetings, workshops, conferences, and parties that they attend.

These people work together and endorse each other's products because they like each other, trust each other, and get to really know the quality of each other's work. They're willing to take a look at a new product of a friend, because, that's what friend do!

While at these gatherings, approach the person or people that you want to learn from and ask questions. Get a feel for if this person is someone that you want as a mentor. Look them in the eye and communicate with them. Get a feel for if this is someone that you REALLY do want to set up a large joint venture with. If you get the right vibes, find a quiet time and make the person an offer. Explain to them how you can help them and what you want in return.

If the person you approach isn't a good fit, or can't help you, ask them to recommend someone who can. It really is THAT simple. Small JV's are easy to set up, but to set up really worthwhile JV's... what I call "million dollar joint ventures" you need to do this face to face. Study the history or bio of any successful person in your niche who has major joint ventures going, and there's a good chance that this is exactly what they did.

Now that YOU know the secret, confirmed by all of the evidence, go out and set up your own million dollar joint ventures.

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Copyright 2004, Willie Crawford

Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build an on-line business since late 1996. Frequently featured in radio, magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, Willie teaches the average guy what the top marketers are doing but seldom talking about. Willie provides detailed how to information in his newsletter, through his personal coaching, and at his annual how to workshop. Learn more at:

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