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What are Joint Ventures (JVs)?
by C Codrut Turcanu

I know you probably heard about them ... Joint Ventures or JVs for short. A JV is when you agree to form a partnership with one or more people. All parts must benefit in a way or another.

JVs are a win-win situation. If you want more TRAFFIC and know someone who already have it, all you have to do is contact that person, talk with him and form a JV partnership.

You GET the TRAFFIC and he gets what you have to offer him (e.g. money, a product, a service, etc.)

You can form JVs on the Internet (online JVs) or in the real world (offline JVs), there's not that much difference between them.

I prefer online JVs because you can contact more partners at the same time using your e-mail address.

If you want to do it by phone, don't hesitate, contact your possible JV partner by phone. You'll have a higher chance to close the deal this way, e-mail is less personal ...

No one in the business 'game' ever succeeded by himself; most business owners have started with the HELP of others by doing Joint Venture partnerships.

If you want to create a stronger marketing force, then you have to START doing JVs.

You must treat your JV partners seriously and with respect.

Why? Because they can bring you what you want or need very FAST.

Just think about it ... you want more Money, more Web Site Traffic, more Leads, more exposure & publicity?

If done correctly, a JV can GET you all or any of the above!

Some people have the skills you don't, so why not team up with them and form a profitable JV deal?

Let's say you developed a software product and you already had success selling it on eBay or other auction Web Site.

You'll have to EXPAND yourself and GET more exposure; the KEY is to own your own domain name and Web Site.

You don't know how to build Web Sites?

Find someone who knows and offer him a FREE copy of your software product or other products you have; you could also START your own affiliate program and let your JV partner JOIN it for FREE. INCREASE his commissions to the LEVEL he wants to motivate him create a PROFESSIONAL Web Site for you.

JVs are a GREAT way to obtain something for FREE.

If you want FREE advertising in an eZine, all you have to do is contact a possible JV partner, offer him a FREE copy of your product plus other BENEFITS (e.g. a HIGHER affiliate commission, other BONUSES & products) and ask him to promote your product to his ezine subscribers. He'll gladly do it without asking you money for advertising because you already provided him with a valuable product and a NICE commission rate.

The KEY is to offer VALUE to your JV partner and his subscribers as well.

Your product must be worth the money and must deliver on your promises. It's better to over-deliver to make 'ALL' happy. A happy customer or JV partner could be yours for 'life', so treat him right!

Internet is the 'perfect' place to contact people and form profitable JVs at the light SPEED. You could potentially partner with anyone, anywhere, all you have to do is FIND it online or offline!

Places where you can find possible online JV partners:

1. online forums and message boards

2. ezines and newsletters

3. search engines and online directories

The KEY to JVs is to respect and treat your JV partner like you'd like to respect and treat him you.

JV = TRUE relationship.

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