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Business Dashboard
When you are driving down the road, a quick glance at your car's dashboard gives you a lot of information. In an instant, you know how fast you're going, how much fuel you have remaining and whether the engine is overheating. Why not have a business dashboard? You can drive your company by using the information on your business dashboard. This article tells you how.

Managing Negativity in the Workplace
Negativity is part of our lives and we can either be victims of it or use it to our advantage. To manage negativity, you need to admit that it exists and that it's a part of life. Stuff happens. How we deal with that stuff is the key.

Improving Employee Commitment - 8 Ways to Describe and Encourage Loyalty, Dedication, and Devotion
Your organization's success depends on employees being loyal, dedicated, and devoted. In other words, everyone has to be "committed" to doing a great job. Your task is to tell your employees what it means to be committed.

But That's the Way We've Always Done It
Change is inherent in business. Unfortunately too many businesses are not good at recognizing when to change. And in many other cases, the people within the organization hold the business back by not wanting to change.

A Leadership Guide to Managing Change
Leaders play a key role in managing change. Effective managers help find and crystallize future direction, set expectations for behavior and performance and priorities, walk the talk and influence the direction of future systems and procedures.

The Wheel of Change - Achieving Lasting Culture Change Through Behavior and Results
Achieving a specific change, like becoming a world-class business in the area of quality or innovation, does not just miraculously happen. It requires a purposeful process focused on results. Change, like other processes, consists of a series of steps, each of which take time and must be followed in order.

Characteristics of High Performance Teams
Entelechy reviewed over 50 studies on high performance teams and compiled a list of high performance team characteristics. We grouped characteristics into eight categories.

Raising The Bar: Dealing With Negativity In The Workplace
Regardless of where you work there seems to be someone who is negative, enjoys gossiping or whose pessimistic view dampens the rest of the team. Creating chaos, causing difficulties between coworkers and starting debates in meetings are some of the behaviors exhibited by this Negative Nelly. Always providing an excuse, knowing just who to blame and taking any minor event and making it into a major catastrophe, this person manages to manipulate the situation to deflect attention from him.

Empower Your Employees
Do your employees have the authority to do whatever has to be done to make sure that your customers have the best experience possible?

The Elements Of A Great Manager
An article describing four elements of great managers: selecting the right people, setting clear expectations, knowing your staff and developing your staff.

Blocking and Tackling in the Game of Business
I recently heard a retired CEO from an internationally known company talk about the importance of blocking and tackling in business. He explained that the key to his success in leading this company was the ability of his employees to execute the fundamentals.

Managing Up: Part I - How to Manage Your Image
If you are like most people, when you think about the everyday meaning of the word manage, you are usually referring to a manager dealing with a subordinate. But a subordinate can certainly influence his or her image among the higher-ups by using some common sense suggestions and by following some strict rules. It's called "Managing Up."

The Power in Establishing Support Teams
Consider establishing teams that will help you refine and implement your ideas. Develop one, several or all four of the following support teams to help you reach your goals.

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