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6-Step Model for a Simple Marketing Plan
To help unleash the extra profits currently hidden in your business or practice here is a simple Five Step Marketing Model.

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How to Successfully Retain and Grow Your Customers
The key to growing your business is to effectively communicate and leverage your new customers into advocates for your products and services and purchasers of additional services.

3 Really Good Reasons to Invest in Market Research Now
Market research arms you with the information you need to grow your sales more easily: Here are 3 reasons why you should invest in market research for your small business.


Marketing Concepts Explained
The marketing concepts can best be explained by the following article.

What Does Marketing Mean?
Learn how to market yourself, because you are your business. Don't confuse the terms "marketing," "advertising," and "promotion." These terms carry a different tune.

Overcoming Your Biggest Marketing Obstacle
If you could just remove the biggest obstacle to marketing your business, you could attract more clients and grow your revenue.

How Many Ways Can I Market Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
Marketing constantly means saying the same thing over and over.

How Do You Get People to Listen to You
Be very careful about describing what it is you do too soon or in too much detail. Why? Because: It's Not About You, It's About Them.

Business Marketing Strategies From Bill Gates, Sam Walton and Walt Disney!
What could you possibly learn from Bill gates, Sam Walton or Walt Disney? It's no accident that these guys ended up living their dreams and making truckloads of money.

Increase Your Sales With 'The Big Benefit'
People buy products or services from you because they expect to gain a benefit. The benefit is more valuable to them than the money they spend to get it. You can use that benefit 3 different ways to increase the results produced by your marketing efforts.

Understanding the Different Methods of Offline Promotion
The toughest part of the advertising equation is in determining where and how to spend your advertising dollars. If you do it wrong, you could plunk down your entire advertising budget and receive absolutely no return on your investment. But, if you do it right, your advertising could continue to bring a nice return for years to come.

eBay Marketing
For many industries, there is a large and active market available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. eBay ?once simply a burgeoning online auction site ?is now an indispensable part of goods and services distribution worldwide.

Create a Catchy Slogan to Attract Clients
Depending on what you have to sell, there are prospects all around you. But to capture their attention and turn them into clients, you need to "hook" them with a catchy slogan.

Set Marketing Goals To Build Your Confidence
Whatever your business you won’t succeed unless you make it a habit to do some marketing every day. Start small, set tiny achievable marketing goals. If you do that, your business will be a success.

Stretching Your Marketing Dollars
7 Cheap and Easy Ways to Market on a Budget
Just because you have to stretch your marketing dollars doesn't mean their effectiveness will decrease. When Businesses are forced to use creativity and ingenuity to market on a budget, that is when some of the best results happen.

Power Positioning -- How To Use It To Increase Sales Dramatically
Everyone from pizza chains to video stores have used the principles of positioning to explode their business. And now, you too can use this strategy -- regardless of the size of your business -- to catapult sales.

The Building Blocks to Effective Marketing
Before you ever consider developing a brochure, running an ad, implementing a direct mail campaign, joining an organization for networking or even conducting a sales call, begin by mapping a path to success through the development of a consistent, focused marketing strategy.

Don't be the Best...Be the First! 
Often, many businesses build their entire marketing strategy around a particular brand and its "better" qualities. Claiming superiority smacks of being untrue and is often a very risky endeavor. In other words, if you claim that you're the best, your statement will be suspect.

Make Use of Year End Marketing Opportunities
It’s important to market yourself (your services and your products) all the time, and the New Year presents another great opportunity to do this. 

First Steps to Picking the Perfect Marketing Method For Your Home-Based Business
Part of running a successful business is making it grow. Home-based businesses are no exception. In fact, it can be even more important if you are just starting out or lack a potential client base. The key to growing a business is marketing.

Successful Marketing Requires Careful Planning
How does a small business or independent consultant with limited resources and time manage a marketing effort? The answer is twofold: planning and perseverance.

The Power of a Story to Market Your Product On the Internet... And How to Create One That Will Sell Your Product.
On the internet, stories are a powerful tool to increase conversion rates of your product. Stories allow the reader to visualize why they need your product, and they feel closer to you because you have made them aware of a new choice they have at this moment of their life.

Hire the Right Marketing Company
Hiring a good marketing firm is critical to the success of any business. Here are some things to look for.

10 Important Marketing Tips
Each of the following Ten Marketing Tips is based on a highly effective, but often overlooked, marketing tactic. How many are you using? How many have you overlooked?

The Dirty Little Secret of Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs
It is not hard to convince business owners and managers to focus on marketing, what *is* hard is convincing them to do first things first. Most people want to jump right into the promotional elements of marketing, such as advertising and sales, before they have done the hard work of building a solid marketing foundation.

Niche Marketing

How To Create A Niche - And Grow Rich!
A niche fills an unmet customer need. Niches are at the heart of every successful industry, business, product, or service. Niche marketing is the opposite of mass (general) marketing. It targets specific people with specialized needs. Niches are what build industries, businesses, and jobs.

Niche Marketing - How to Find Your Perfect Niche Market
If you don't find a niche market for the product or service you offer, you will have a difficult time being successful.

How to Carve Your Niche in the Marketplace
Trying to find and sell clients is becoming an increasingly difficult endeavor. What is a better, more effective, approach to generate good quality prospects? A solution to this dilemma is to generate leads (not clients) that are already pre-qualified and pre-sold, even before prospects are marketed to.

Carve Your Niche By Dominating One
Rather than prospect for clients you must position your business as unique in a particular category or industry, or for a specific audience or market. By being unique, you will naturally become the leader. With all the competition out there, it is no longer possible to be better than the others. The goal, therefore, is to be different -- and not better.

Increase Sales - By Using A "Safety" Niche!
The vital need for more safety is a daily need that never goes away. If you can show others how your product or service can add safety to their life, you’d have a powerful niche.

Narrow Your Focus to Broaden Your Sales
Today's rapidly changing, technology-driven marketplace mandates a sharper marketing aim. If your business doesn't have one, you're going to either have a really tough time or require a huge marketing budget.

Don't Duplicate... Differentiate!
In the competitive marketplace of the new millennium, the demand for specialized products or services will increase. If your site sells everything or to everyone, chances are that your audience will not perceive any greater value in shopping from you than anyone else.


How to Target Your Most Profitable Market
If you already solve a specific problem, then targeting your market as much as possible should be the obvious next step. However, this is where many marketers fail, for they are trying to be "all things to all people" and attempt to market their product to everyone. Instead, try to discover the demographics and psychographics of your niche -- your specific (or greatest) market. Then market to that audience more than any other and as often as possible.

Why Targeting Your Market is the Best Way to Create Sustainable Market Success
Explains why focusing your energies on a market niche gives you the biggest and best chance of being successful. Especially in a crowded market.

Get Rich - Doing What Others Don't!
It's been said the difference between the "haves" and the "have-nots" - can be traced back to the people who did ... and the people who did not!

Viral Marketing

The "Secret" of Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing is a relatively new phenomenon, and at its simplest is a line of code embedded in any promotional "give away" item, such as an e-book, that instantly directs the viewer on to your site.

Viral Marketing with a Powerful Twist
I can't say enough about the importance of putting this unused, yet lucrative marketing technique into action. This IS viral marketing with a powerful twist at its best.

Blow The Competition Away With Viral Marketing
Viral marketing is essentially a marketing strategy that grows the marketing message at an exponential rate without any effort on behalf of the marketer.

Get Viral For Painless Marketing
The secret to avoiding disaster is to craft a realistic marketing plan: a plan which takes into account your time, your budget, and most important of all, your emotional makeup.

How to Multiply Your Marketing Like a Virus
Viral marketing is a concept used to proliferate the knowledge of your existence on the web through other people's efforts. Be it word-of-eye advertising, referrals, affiliate programs, joint ventures and so on, it all comes down to that fundamental business process called networking.

Create, Replicate And Proliferate
Increase your exposure exponentially with viral marketing, and watch your online business spread like wildfire. Proliferate the knowledge of your existence online with the efforts of other people, using methods like networking systems, replicable files and leveraged links.

Direct Response Marketing

High Response Marketing With Low-Cost Postcards
Postcards can drive a huge amount of traffic to your web site, generate a flood of new sales leads or produce a surge in any business activity you want. And you don't have to spend a lot of time or money on them ...if you apply these four little-known postcard marketing secrets.

How To Effectively Cold Call Leads
For a person just starting out, cold calling can be rather intimidating. Too often a person doesn't know how to "open" up a call, and overcome a lot of rejection. In this article, the author describes an opening he had been using with good success. It's short, to the point, friendly, yet business like. 

Guerilla Insights Into Direct Response Marketing
Direct response marketing is a lot different from indirect response marketing. The first is geared to obtain orders right here and right now. The second is geared to obtain orders eventually.

Direct Marketing... You Have Come A Long Way Baby!
In the early days before the Internet, direct marketing was a key advertising method to sell products or services to customers all over the world. Running a direct marketing campaign can be a very costly venture that does not guarantee any success.

How To Go From Under Dog to Top Dog by Unleashing the Power of a Postcard
A tale of two dentists explains how postcards can be used effectively to position your business.


Colors that sell
Color is a powerful psychological trigger. It creates strong emotions which can sometimes mean the difference between loosing or making that sale. So how do we know what colors to use?

How to Energize Your Marketing With Colors
Your colors are part of your message. And depending on which message you wish to convey, the colors you choose can either support, emphasize, or contradict your message.

Psychology of Color
When color is used correctly, it can add impact and clarity to your message and highlight important points. When color is used incorrectly, it can compromise your message and confuse your target audience - to the point that they click their way out of your site as quickly as they can.

What is Your Marketing Message?
Marketing is creating the impression people get about your company and its products and services. It happens through many forms of communication including things as basic as how your phone is answered, what your marketing collateral looks like—including business cards and letterhead—to the even more crucial direct contact of sales and customer service personnel.

Choo! Choo! All Aboard! -- Create a Marketing Train
In order to create a gratifying and profitable professional service business you need to have an effective long-term marketing system in place. And the long-term system needs to include plans that generate revenue on a short-term, medium-term and long-term basis.

How do I get started with my marketing?
Here are 5 strategies you can take to get  started marketing your business or re-vitalize your existing  marketing. These 5 strategies have been used by entrepreneurs  over and over again, with these consistent results: greater  confidence, energy and enthusiasm for marketing, AND more  clients!

How To Take Advantage Of Your Competition
When people market their business, they pay little attention to their competition. However, they can learn a lot from them.

Have You Forgotten A Key Aspect of Your Marketing?
One of the greatest challenges businesses face is how to market cost effectively while gaining a good return on investment. Interestingly, this can also be one of their greatest opportunities.

Marketing Smarter to Earn More
How can you market smarter and make more money?

The Top Five Marketing Tips That Can't Be Ignored
These elements will make all the difference in the world between struggling to get clients and becoming wildly successfully in marketing your services. They are worth investing your best efforts and getting the support you need to implement them effectively.

Understanding the Difference Between Marketing and Promotion
Are you an online marketer? Or do you simply promote affiliate programs? Marketing is truly the most misunderstood word in use today on the Internet. Let me see if I can clarify this issue just a bit.

Marketing Process

What Business Are You In?
Are you living with the myth that if perform your services well, then you will succeed in business? Read on to find out how deadly this myth can be.

Seven Highly Effective Marketing Tactics
Here are 7 well known, highly effective marketing tactics many small business owners overlook when developing their marketing program.

The 10 Attributes of Highly Effective Marketing
Looking to improve your marketing efforts? No matter what marketing weapons you choose to use to promote your business, products, or service, the most effective marketing campaigns all have common characteristics.

10 Building Blocks to Becoming a Household Name
In an increasingly challenging market flooded with fierce competitors and extremely savvy consumers, learn how to develop a killer brand that will inspire you, attract loyal customers, and knock out the competition.

Differentiation--Smart Strategies for the Solo Entrepreneur
Do you hesitate when you talk to prospective customers because you can’t readily explain how you are different from your competitors? Differentiation boosts confidence--yours in yourself and that prospective customer’s confidence in you!

Why Market Your Business Online?
If you love your business, you certainly want to grow it to be as successful as possible. Whatever product or service you offer, wouldn't you be willing to nurture it through the number one way to market--the Internet?

Utilize the Power of the Internet in Your Marketing
In most cases having a web site is an expected aspect of doing business. With the right use of a site, you can give incredible benefit to your customers and prospects.

How to Use Public Speaking to Attract Clients
Speaking is a marketing strategy you can immediately embrace to get in front of potential customers. Speaking puts you within handshaking distance of your best prospects, many times helping you close sales before you leave the room.

A Surefire Way to Increase Revenues
Are you looking for ways to gain visibility, reach potential customers and provide a great service for your existing customers? Regardless of whether you are a start up business or well established, you can increase your visibility and revenues with very little cash outlay for marketing by doing seminars and workshops.

Seven Steps For Creating Successful Marketing
Jay Conrad Levinson, the creator of the Guerrilla Marketing series of books - the best selling series of business books in history, shares his secrets for successful marketing.

3 Simple Selling Tactics
The following 3 simple selling tactics produce sales by responding to the way customers normally think and behave. They work for any business - regardless of what you sell, how you sell or where you sell it.

What the home shopping networks can teach us about online marketing.
We can learn a lot from the success strategies employed by the home shopping networks.

Your Marketing Mantra
There's a 15-word marketing mantra that's covered in Marketing 101, that you need to know. It's: By the time you're sick of it, the public is just beginning to get it. 

The Simple and Surprising Marketing System That Builds Sales
Here are 3 simple and effective steps that exceptional businesses use to grow sales.

Marketing: Know Your Seasons
There are many great ideas about how to effectively market yourself and your service-based business, and as many rules as there are marketing experts. 

How to Market Your Way out of Tough Times
There's gloom and uncertainty in the air, and most businesses are making a terrible mistake right now in their efforts to ride out the tough times. They're cutting back on marketing and waiting until the economy improves. In an economy like this, cutting back on marketing is flirting with business suicide. 

23 Questions to Ask When Preparing Your Marketing Plan
Here are 24 questions to consider when developing strategies for your marketing plan.

What to Include in Your Marketing Plan Write-Up
For those new to marketing planning, the thought of completing a plan from start to finish may feel daunting. It need not. The level of detail you choose to include in your marketing plan will depend on your resources and situation.

Tips From An Unabashed, Self-Promoter
Every single thing I do is marketing. Talking to strangers at seminars or group meetings or even in elevators or taxis is marketing. Customer service is part of marketing. I am an unabashed, relentless, promoter of my services and products. I get the drive from the love I have for this business.

Ideal Marketing Methods for Home-Based Businesses
What is the difference between a small business that makes it and one that does not? Most likely, the one that was successful engaged in some effective marketing. Wise marketing is critical for owners of home-based businesses.

Top Ten Strategies for Client Retention
Traditional marketing strategies encourage business owners to continually grow their businesses by adding new customers. In today's competitive world of business, it is more important than ever to aim for more transactions with existing customers by using the power of customer follow-up and attention to good service.

Don't Overlook The 3 Special Benefits Every Customer Wants From You
Every customer looks for 3 special benefits when they do business with you. They may not specifically ask for these benefits. But you're losing sales if you don't automatically provide all 3.

10 Power-Packed Promotion Strategies
There are many ways to creatively and affordably promote your online business. I have tried all of the following and they worked very well for me.

Dynamic Marketing: Seven High-Powered Success Strategies
Marketing is about results. Key to achieving results is your ability to be adaptive and forward-thinking -- involved in a process that lets you evolve your marketing campaign as new information enters the picture.

Clone Your Best Customers
The general principle: Discover the characteristics of your current customers and use that knowledge to reach more shoppers just like them.

Are You Marketing A Product That's Unrealistic For You?
People, more often than not, decide what business to enter based on emotion, excitement, or other's success. Rarely, do people take the time to critically analyze what they will be getting into and whether or not it will be suitable for them.

How Your Marketing Mix Can Improve Profit
By implementing both long and short term strategies, you can attend to immediate sales goals while building your business reputation and goodwill. Some examples of both types of strategies are described.

Marketing Strategies For Now
Strategies and models that let a kitchen table vision rise to world-wide success are worthy of our study. Here are the 7 actions that worked for Amway. And they can work for you.


Pricing For Maximum Profits 
There are four key components of the entire marketing process. They are known as the 4 P's of marketing. They are: 
1. Product  2. Production  3. Pricing 4. Promotion. I will touch on the importance of assigning the right price to your product or service. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of marketing. 

The "Bang for your Buck" Approach that Eliminates Price Sensitivity
In an increasingly price-sensitive world many business professionals feel that the only way they're going to win in a competitive RFP situation is if they slash their prices. The good news is that in most situations price isn't the burning issue. It's value-for-money or Return-On-Investment.

Increase Your Profits By 1200% By Tracking
Not keeping track of your advertising results is pretty much the same as throwing your hard earned money at a dart board. One of the key factors to making your marketing campaign effective is by tracking everything that you do.

Competing Against Yourself For A Bigger Marketshare
This scenario all to often happens... A company or individual develops and markets a new product or service that takes the world by storm. Orders start pouring in and everyone is thrilled with the results. Then all of a sudden there is a large drop in sales? Why? Because a knock-off of that product or service has emerged onto the market at a lower price.

Why You Should Market Your Website (And How To Do It Cheaply)
I’ve been hearing a lot from other online publishers about the decreasing response to their email offers and how many of their customers and prospects aren’t getting their ezines anymore. That’s why I suggest you supplement your online marketing with a bit offline promotion. One of the cheapest forms of print advertising is postcards.

Trade Shows

The Magic of Using Booklets for Tradeshow Giveaways
Candy, squeeze balls, pens, and key chains -- these provide questionable value to anyone visiting or staffing a tradeshow booth. More and more meeting and marketing professionals are considering something a little different - booklets. They are a way to attract higher quality prospects, reap a handsome return on the investment of time and money in attending shows, and help set a company apart from the crowd.

Planning Your Trade Show Exhibit
Exhibiting at trade shows can provide an excellent opportunity for your customers to experience your product. When customers experience or try out your product, they are more likely to buy.



Why Large Companies Will Pay Millions To Create Something That Comes Naturally To A Small Business
You might not think of a large company as being a one-person business ... yet that is precisely what many are and what many more want to be. Microsoft, perhaps the most successful global company, is synonymous with one person - Bill Gates. Think of fried chicken and you think of one person - Colonel Sanders!

Getting New Business Fast
Even in the most adverse circumstances, an existing business has assets that can be exploited to drum up sales and cash flow quickly. Use your intuition about whether to divulge your real situation to friends who might be moved to help or put a bright face on your situation by, for instance, saying you're expanding. 

What A Tree Trimmer Can Teach You About Your Web Business
Succeeding on the Internet doesn't have to be an elusive or mysterious puzzle. The "real world" abounds with sound business practices that will serve you well on the web as well.

Your Marketing Theory - Fizzle, Sizzle, or Big Bang?
New products and information are so critical to the needs of those doing replica watches sac louis vuitton sac louis vuitton business online. The faster something moves, the more energy and fuel it uses. 

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