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How To Turn Your Business Cards Into Hardworking Little Salesmen!
By Debbie Gragg

To Promote and Sell Your Products & Services for Greater Profit$ 

Marketing and promoting your products can be fun.

It doesnít make any difference how unique and special your products or services are , if no one knows you are in business.

What is so fun about marketing and promoting your products and services, is that you use the same creativity that you bring to your command, when you create ideas for your products or services.

Most of us who run small or home businesses, do not have a blank check, to what ever amount we like advertising budget, so we need to come up with cost-saving ideas.

There are many advertising and promotion companies out there competing for your advertising dollars. Some are better than others, and most of them are expensive.

Ads that tie up your advertising dollars, and may not be in print for a few months or more, or expensive coupon advertising, can deplete your advertising budget with one advertising campaign, and not return all that many new leads or customers. If an expensive advertising campaign doesnít deliver, you donít get your money back.

Following I have included some:

Quick! Low Cost Ways to Turn Your Business Cards into Hardworking Little Salesmen!

Many people in business donít use these to their greatest potential, even though most biz people do have them printed up. Business cards are your hardworking little salesmen; they are your mini billboards. They work for you 24 hrs a day, without pay!

1.Hand them out! Always have some on hand, when you go out, and hand them out! This sounds obvious and it is, but many times business cards are left at home. They canít be promoting your biz, leftat home or in the car.

2.Use your biz cards as note cards! If someone needs your home address, and your biz is a home biz, hand them your biz card. Or write your home address on the back of your biz card. The same goes for your telephone no. This gives another person a reason to have your biz card.

3.Do a Business Card Exchange! Do a local mailing to businesses that are complimentary to your business. For example if you make candles, send a letter introducing your biz, to local beauty shops, with 5 or 6 biz cards included and offer a biz card exchange. You will hand out biz cards for them if they hand out yours.

4.Make Your Cards Do Double Duty As Price Tags! Make your biz card into a hanger that you attach to your products, with the price on the back of the card. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the corner of your biz card, and run a piece of string through the hole, and attach to your products.

5.Double-sided Biz Cards! These business cards may cost a little more, but you can make them work even harder for you. Instead of having blank dead space on the back of your cards, you can have that area working for you too. On the back of the biz card you could offer a special discount for a first purchase. This will motivate people to hang onto your biz card.

6.Mini Billboards! If you have a website and e-mail always make your biz cards mini billboards for your on-line marketing too. Always include your website and e-mail address, on your biz cards. This can be a great way to utilize double sided biz cards also. On the back of the card could be a ďshort attention grabbing adĒ for your website. What?! You donít have a website and use e-mail marketing for your small or local home biz? If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity!

As you can see, your business cards can be tireless hardworking salesmen for your products and services. I hope the suggestions presented above, have sparked more ideas, on how you could use your biz cards to promote your products and services.

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Debbie Gragg is a co-owner and operator of "Home Biz Profit$", an on-line crafts and home-small biz community dedicated to bringing "Targeted Traffic" to Craft Home-Small Biz Websites.

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