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Repetition, The Key To Making More Sales
By Donald Goss

You have a web site with decent traffic. You advertise your offer in ezines. You have ads on a ton of free classified sites. But you still aren't making many sales. Does this sound like you? If it does, you may be missing one small, but important piece of the puzzle.

What is that ingredient? Repetition!

People are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages daily. The exposure to such a massive volume of advertising has a numbing effect on the brain. Do you remember every ad you saw today? Of course not.

What you DO remember are those messages that you see over and over again. For example, have you ever signed up for one of those "free 10 day mini-courses."

When you first see the ad you may have no intention of buying the product. But you want the free info. So you sign up for the mini-course.

Over the next several days you receive installments of the course. You discover that it contains some very helpful information. It will also tell you where you can get the "full version" of the course.

If it sounds like a great product and you are in the market for it, what happens next? buy it. Why? For two simple reasons:
bulletYou were repeatedly exposed to the offer.
bulletYou were able to see the offer had value based on the free information you received.

How often have you purchased a product or service on the Internet the first time you were exposed to it? Most marketing experts say that it takes an average of seven contacts with your prospect before they will buy.

If you have a valuable product or service to offer, don't waste your hard earned money on one shot ads. Concentrate on collecting names (people who choose to receive your information). Then send them a free introduction course consisting of 7-9 follow up messages.

Make sure that your course contains some valuable information. This will instill a feeling of trust in your prospective customer. It will also build your credibility.

This can be an effective technique even for a local business. For example, let's say you are a Realtor. You know the average homeowner moves every four or five years. When they decide to sell, who do you want them to list their property with? You!

Then stay in touch with them. Make sure they remember you. Get email addresses from new clients. While you are at it, get their birth date and the birth dates of their children too. Tell them you have an online newsletter full of great resources for homeowners.

Now you can send them your newsletter on a regular or periodic basis. It can be a full-scale publication or just a small list of tips. If you hear about discounts offered by a local merchant, send a message and let them know about it.

Keep all the birthdays you have collected in a database or an organized list. Send out birthday wishes to them and their children. Do you think they will appreciate this attention?

This will work just as effectively for plumbers, dentists, electricians, attorneys, doctors and most other businesses. Your competitors will be scratching their heads wondering why you are the one making all of the sales.

Remember...repetition = more sales.

c) 2001 Donald Goss

Donald Goss is the editor of Lightning Solution, a Free Ezine that features business building techniques, traffic generating strategies and inspirational thoughts.

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