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Business is All About Relationships
Iíve not always been successful, but I strive to have an excellent relationship with everyone. It doesnít seem possible all the time, but itís worth striving for nonetheless.

Build Your Business by Building Relationships
Building relationship to build your business is just like planting a seed to grow a tree. Relationships that thrive and turn into customers, alliances or referrals have been nurtured over time with these techniques.

Never Forget a Name Again
After much research, study, and practice my memory improved to the point where now people frequently ask how I am able to remember the names of so many people. Here are my secrets.

Connecting One To One
The real key to your on-line success is connecting with your prospects one-at-a-time or one-to-one. How do you connect with your prospects one at a time?

Making Valuable Contacts Online
Remember the old saying: "it's not what you know, it's who you know"? It's true. Your contacts determine whether your business succeeds or fails, and, for reasons of credibility, that's doubly true online.

Make the Most of Networking
Networking is indispensable these days, but if you go to business events and no one remembers you afterward, you've wasted your time. Such contacts only work if you make yourself memorable. Here are some strategies that let you walk into a room with quiet self-assurance, confident that people will enjoy meeting you and recall you afterwards.

Have an Extra Edge at Networking Events
We all attend events promoted as the perfect format to make new contacts and develop potential business relationships. I never stop being amazed how many talented and well-educated people often do not know how to maximize these events. Here are two easy ways you can make the most of networking events.

Big Impressions on Small Audiences?
Outside your home, ALL speaking is public speaking. Many people are less intimidated when they prepare for a speech than when they must communicate off the cuff in more informal settings. But conversations on the elevator or at the water cooler can do as much to boost your career as giving a formal presentation. How do you master impromptu meetings and on-the-spot interaction?

How to Schmooze When You're Scared Silly
With preparation and practice, it is possible to stay cool, calm and collected - and even enjoy yourself - at business mixers, tradeshows, and conventions. Here are some suggestions.

Building Bridges by Connecting: Enrich Relationships in Life and Business
We all grow from connection. The stronger the connection the more we grow. Take a look at these 4 simple steps to strengthen your relationships at work and home. The more bridges you build the less isolated you feel. The stronger the connection the greater the opportunities that flow both ways.

Networking For Success
We've all heard that networking should be an integral part of our total marketing plan. But what is networking? And is it the same for off-line marketing as it is for on-line marketing?

7 Ways to Easily Network
People underestimate how easy it is to network, no matter what field they are in. Along those lines, they also underestimate the importance of networking, even when the business is YOU. 

Catch More Clients Using Strategic Networking
Most people think that networking consists of telling as many people as possible what they do, and handing out as many business cards as they can. They waste the few precious moments they have with new and existing contacts by focusing on themselves.

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